2 Raleighs – Rides

Doing some saddle swapping and fine tuning the adjustments.  There are some videos on Youtube about reupholstering/re-padding bicycle saddles — may give that a try —  what’s the worst thing that could happen that hasn’t already happened?  Since Illinois is now under the Stay in Place order until May 30, might be a project to fill some time.

The other Raleigh with a swapped saddle — there was a lot of saddle swapping going on.

Going west on Elm street . . . . the dark spots are hydraulic oil from a garbage truck . . . . the bigger patch is where it stopped to pick up a tote . . . . it left a small spot in front of our place . . . . leak is getting worse

And worse and worse

If their policy is Fix on Fail — it appears that time has arrived

So, hydraulic issues aside, time to focus on saddle height/angle and enjoy some riding doing so.

For Suzanne — dandelions on south 7h street — measly amount compared to Germany

For Bill’s Photo of the Month/Week/Day/Hour/Moment

Met these intrepid cyclists as I rode south of town on 7th street — little guy in the helmet was doing his best at keeping up and doing very well at it

I caught back up with them after riding down to 4000N

Here, when they reached town, he had slipped off the pedals and took a hit on his right leg — ouch!  But was soon ready to continue to Gramma’s house in our subdivision

Assuming they rode back home, they did a 4 mile ride

(A few minor tweaks and the saddle swaps are good to go)   🙂

Very much enjoy all the entries you all have provided -- great to see the everyday cycling venues. Being in eastern Illinois, scenery certainly isn't our forte, but oh well, the roads are normally quiet. Look forward to more and more entries from all of you, I do have a few over on BL -- in Bill's Day Rides, and one journal.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: April 25, 2020

    Day whatever of the lock-down…. started swapping saddles. I love how everyone is doing all sorts of projects they never would have got around to without stay-at-home orders. Good on those kiddos – as kids, we used to love riding further and further from home and increasing the ‘boundaries’ of where we were allowed to ride.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 26, 2020

      Our first lessons in discovering Geography.

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 26, 2020

    Aren’t you concerned all that wanton saddle-swapping might run contrary to the Illinois guidelines for limiting the spread of covid-19? 😉

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 26, 2020

      The saddles were injected with disinfectant as per our Prez, and I did get the go ahead from Gov JB.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: April 26, 2020

    Of all the things that a butt might come into contact with, Covid-19 on one’s saddle might be the least concerning.

    Kids riding bikes might be the salvation of the world. Just today, I saw a kid on training wheels with his parents struggling up a little hill. I gave words of encouragement as I passed, and I think it gave him a little extra motivation.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 26, 2020

      All too often if you see a kid riding something, it is electric powered.
      Those kids belong to a family involved in law enforcement — good parents, good kids.

  4. By: Hopkins Escapades Posted: April 27, 2020

    I also love seeing kids out riding bikes whether they’re on a bike trail or at a park. It gives me pleasure to think the next generation will know how to ride on two wheels, too.

    Hope the swapped saddle is working for you. Cheers & happy pedaling!

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