2018 week #20 – good cycling this week

The days are really cooling down now.  If the sun doesn’t come out the house stays cool, the outside air is cool and the inside heater is on!  Minimum cycling temperature for the week was 4°C at a 10am start and that did feel a bit chilly.

This has caused winter cycling gear to be pulled out of dark places.

The week saw trips on all bikes except the Bike E and the kilometers travelled exceed 100 – challenge met.  It also found me fixing the puncture of the inside rear wheel of the Anura.  This worked OK until Saturday when it went down again!

Here is the full story

A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: May 20, 2018

    Great to see you taking advantage of good weather and getting the kms in for the week! Well done. It’s good you’ve got a place where you can practice without traffic and are starting to get the feel for how the recumbent rides. I bet you can’t wait for those new tyres! I had a sympathy puncture for you on Monday when I was out for a ride and doing the latest bridge photos. I was starting to feel crummy (came down with cold next day), so just pumped it up a couple times to get home. It is my ‘annual autumnal thorn puncture’. They are vicious here between March and May – and I always get at least one puncture – as does everyone I know that rides. Hopefully, this is the only one for the year. I have trouble with getting patches to ‘stick and stay’ more these days than in the past – particularly if the patch must go over a seam. It is frustrating – I hope the new tyres solve all those problems for you!

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: May 21, 2018

      Thanks Navi. Those thorns – are they Soliva sessilis? They grow quite big in NSW and my Wantabadgery mate has his ride-on mower tyres punctured by them.

      Sue sold her Gazelle to a woman in Yakandanda. On her first outing she got 4 punctures in one ride across the grass. All in all a perfect pest.

      • By: The Navigator Posted: May 21, 2018

        The thorn from last Monday was a Tribulus terrestris. It is called a bindii here, but so is Soliva sessilis. The Soliva is more in lawns – the Tribulus thorns are bigger. This wikipedia page has pics of both: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bindii

        I can usually get away with riding over lawns and those little bindiis on my Continentals – but I don’t know any tyre that can resist the Tribulus thorns. These are the ones I find on the rural roads – the Soliva I find more on bike paths and in towns.

        I rode up in the forest today… puncture free!

        • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: May 21, 2018

          Of course – Tribulus terrestrial. That’s the mower tyre stuffer. Looks like a wooden tank trap doesn’t it – always lands with one point up.

          I have one new tyre on the trike so far and am looking for new chain of the right size tomorrow. Then the other new tyres can go on.

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