Passing 4000km for the year so far

I don’t really set distance goals these days, I just try and ride my bike as much as I find enjoyable. After all, I ride purely for enjoyment with the fitness aspect being a nice bonus! That said, I do try and hit 200km per week as a very rough general target. Some weeks I surpass that, other weeks I don’t. It is what it is.

Distance is dependant on a few variables, mostly how energetic I’m feeling and also if I choose to ride any serious hills! Those climbs always put a dent in the distance stakes. Your legs don’t know distance, they don’t know average speed, all they know is the time they spend pushing those pedals around in circles. All I know is the smile that pushing those pedals around puts on my face (and that’s the most important cycling metric to measure).

This morning I punched out a solid but relatively flat 88km solo ride in blustering conditions that felt like a headwind in every direction. It was rough but still enjoyable. At home afterwards I glanced at my Strava account and noticed I’d rolled past 4000km for the year.

Now, we’re roughly 20 weeks into this year (already!) and with 4020km ridden so far, that’s an average of 201km per week. Pretty much spot on! We’re heading into winter down here in the depths of Tasmania, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep that up for. Hopefully there’s still a few decent weekends left in the season!

The sound of a perfectly lubed chain whirring through a fresh drivetrain, slick summer tyres humming across the blacktop as you spin, otherwise silently over country roads early in the morning.

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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: May 19, 2018

    Wow! Does that mean that you might make 10,000 for the whole year?
    Great pictures of your bike at sunset – or is it sunrise?

    • By: tempocyclist Posted: May 20, 2018

      Might get there. I’ve never hit 10,000km in a year before. There’s usually a week or two where I don’t ride due to holiday or illness or whatnot that brings the average down. Oh and it’s a sunrise pic. I’m a morning person! 🙂

  2. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: May 19, 2018

    Going well Tempo, 4,000k so far.

    I agree with you re hills and distance. A bushwalking group I walked with used to add a kilometer per x meters climbed (can’t remember the exact formula) when describing the walk. This gave some idea of overall effort that would be required.

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: May 20, 2018

    Well done! Congrats on clocking up the kays! I really like having a distance goal, as I like to see it chunk off through the year. I also like to divide the goal up into unloaded (day rides) and loaded (with camping gear on a 2 or 3-day ride). I don’t have to motivate myself much to do loaded rides, but I need a bit of a kick in the pants to do day rides on familiar roads. Alas, the distance goal will probably have to be given away this year to just focus on staying well and clawing my way back to health. I know other people that set ‘metres climbed’ or ‘days ridden’ goals instead of distance.

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