A Double Challenge

Nancy proposed that we ride together. Granted this would be difficult as I live in Kentucky and she lives in Washington. The idea is when I get the chance to ride, I’d let her know and she’d also try to ride that day. My daughter offered to keep her dad an extra afternoon this week. I knew that Tuesday I’d do errands and Friday I was getting a bone scan, but I began thinking yesterday about what I would do on an extra afternoon. I checked the weather and it looked like Thursday was going to be a nice day to ride. I wrote Nancy the first chance I had yesterday and that was very, very late last night.

What was really exciting, was this was a ride I haven’t done before. I bicycled across the Lewis and Clark Bridge, Louisville’s newest bridge.

It was 1.29 miles from the car to the other end of the bridge, but I didn’t stop there. Notice that the pedestrian/bike path is separated from the traffic with a concrete barrier.
The Ohio River is not blue. I believe that is sky reflection I’m seeing on the water. This is the Kentucky side.
I thought this was self-explanatory, but I see if I don’t say something, the picture runs right into the next one. So, now I’ve said basically nothing, but I have a space.
Since it’s not good for your sensor to take a picture of the sun, I figured a shadow of Violette would suffice. It was around 1:30 by this time, so the sun was high in the sky and the shadows weren’t long. This was at the Indiana terminus of the bike path. The path length was 2.5 miles, so the trip was 5 miles total. (You’d think I could look back at my original to see the specific time I took the picture, but I keep forgetting to reset the time on my camera.)
On the way back, I began looking for vegetation that radiated from a center. I’ve included a few. I have no idea what this first one was, but it had a lot of “spines” (for lack of a better word) radiating from the center.
Queen Anne’s Lace is found about everywhere I’ve been.
This was my favorite picture of the day. So nice that such a coordinated butterfly landed in a Black-Eyed Susan
No idea what this is other than a weed. It does have a small flower though.
The Coneflowers here are on their last leg, but this one is holding on to its petals. Another challenge of the month entry.

For now, loaded touring isn’t possible due to my husband's health issues. I’m used to cycling by myself, but I can't go off and leave him. Cycle 365 has motivated me to not give up riding just because I don't have time to go as far or do awesome rides like I did in the past.

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: August 7, 2020

    I love this post, Laura. This is one of the most heart warming things I’ve read for a while. I love the idea of you and Nancy conspiring to get each other out the door. It’s a beautiful bridge, too. That spiny thing is also Queen Anne’s Lace, I think – just a bit further on in years.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      The idea was Nancy’s. It was a great one. Behind the scenes, we have to send a picture to each other with a sentence or two about the ride. I needed something to motivate me to push myself, in spite of all that’s going on here at home. Her picture was awesome…I don’t see it posted. You may know already, but that purple seat cover was a gift from her a few years ago. She’s a very thoughtful friend to have. Interesting about the spiny thing.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      Thank you, Suzanne. I notice the pictures certainly look a lot sharper without reducing the pixels. I don’t find it easy to carry the big camera. I’d like to have more than one lens with me, but my 24-105 is the best if I can only take one. Remember the year I mailed it all home like my third day in France because the back end of the bike was fishtailing? You and your honey are my inspiration for taking the better camera.

      • By: Suzanne Posted: August 8, 2020

        We still take the better camera but that is no longer the heavy Canon dslr. We have both switched to new mirrorless cameras (Sony) which also are capable of top quality pictures. Much lighter!

        • By: Laura Posted: August 8, 2020

          I knew you had, but wasn’t sure about Janos. You know I bought a new camera less than a year ago. One reason I didn’t go mirrorless is my friend explained that it is the lens/lenses that are heavy and not the camera. Plus I have so much money invested in all these lenses. I figure mirrorless will be my next camera…when I get old. ha!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 7, 2020

    Nice ride and photos, that is quite a bridge!

    “Since it’s not good for your sensor to take a picture of the sun”
    So, that’s why my CoolPix filed a grievance! Seriously, I did not know that.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      Could be the reason! Actually, I was told that at a photography club meeting a few years ago. I think it was mainly mid-day sun. I looked it up and there seems to be some that say it is your eye that can be damaged, but others say it’s the camera shutter or aperture. Some say do it quickly. Since I’ve never tried it, I would not be a good witness for the grievance. 🙂

  3. By: gregblood Posted: August 7, 2020

    It’s great to see that most of the new bridges across major rivers have the separated bike lanes. I make great use of the new bridge from MY Town across the Mississippi River. Actually, I got a lot of use out of the old bridge too, but it was definitely scarier.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      I’m not familiar with your bridge…is it posted. If so, direct me. This may astound some, but I have walked across the Mississippi River and not on a bridge. Nothing like Jesus did though. I was at Lake Itasca and actually road a rented bicycle to get to the spot. I do wish I could explore some other areas like I used to. BTW, I’ve never crossed that bridge in a vehicle because I’m too cheap to pay the toll just for a quick view of the river. Much nicer on a bicycle, I’m sure.

      • By: gregblood Posted: August 8, 2020

        A couple months ago I posted a video of me riding across the Hastings bridge. Here it is again.


        And yes, walking across the Mississippi River is quite an experience. I did it near the end of my bike tour to Winnipeg and back.

        • By: Laura Posted: August 8, 2020

          Thanks for sharing this again. That’s an awesome bike lane.

  4. By: NancyG Posted: August 7, 2020

    Great photos of your area and the ride Laura. I enjoyed riding with you on that day — even though for me it was a damp and chilly time after a big and long period of morning rain. It is so nice to ride somewhere new ;’-). Thanks for taking on this virtual riding with me. See you on the next one.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      It was fun and I thank you so much for suggesting it. My next ride will triple the mileage and leave from home…there aren’t many routes that safely let me leave from here. Not very frugal to drive a car 38 miles round trip to bicycle 5 miles round trip. So much for trying to save the planet.

  5. By: BobinVT Posted: August 7, 2020

    I love the clouds in the first three pictures. And for some reason, the picture of the weed really appeals to me. It’s definitely radiating.

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      Thanks, Bob in Vermont! I’ve been trying to collect cloud pictures, but forgot all about doing that on this ride. It’s been so hot here, but yesterday’s temps were very pleasant and the sky one of the best in awhile. The plant definitely caught my eye.

  6. By: NancyG Posted: August 7, 2020

    That weed looks like a dandelion.

    And WOW that butterfly!! Fantastic,

    • By: Laura Posted: August 7, 2020

      That was my first thought, but the flower didn’t look like one. Maybe it just hasn’t bloomed enough to tell. Somewhere around here, I have a book on wild plants in this region. I should pull it off the bookshelf and use it. I love finding out names of plants and birds, but don’t always remember what I’ve found. After Suzanne told me the name of the plant on FB the other day, it then dawned on me I had that information in one of my bicycle journals. Had totally forgotten that until she mentioned the name. A butterfly doesn’t usually stay there long enough for me to get their picture. This one must have been drunk on nectar.

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