The 2019 OVO Energy Women’s Tour of Britain started on Monday in Eat Anglia, today was Oxfordshire’s turn.

The race containing most of the world’s top lady cyclist would pass about 5 miles from home, so obviously I had to go and see them.

The weather has been really dreadfully since the end of last week so it was good to leave home in the dry.

While I was out it was worth doing a little Questing, so off to Chilton.

I can remember when this was Chilton Post Office and Stores.

Barn conversion, Chilton.

All Saints Church, Chilton.

I just had time or so I thought to get to Upton and back to Harwell to watch the race.

Refurbishment of farm buildings, Upton.

I got here around 12:15, and waited and waited and then waited a bit more.

Police outrider preparing to close the road.

Public race information vehicle, told the hundred or so spectators on this turn that the delay was due to a large crash in the race and sadly four ladies were taken off to hospital.

Peleton coming up the slope to generous applause.

Following race vehicles, once past the police opened the road and everything was cleared in a few minutes.

The Charity partner of the race, is the UK Breast Cancer one, each of the racers were presented with a pink ribbon and a personalised message from a lady who has or who has had breast cancer.

The riders wore those ribbons in their hair, attached to their helmets or bikes, a nice touch.

Distance – 20 miles.

Ride – Solo.

Bike – Tifosi Classico.

3 response to "A LADIES CYCLE RACE"

  1. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: June 12, 2019

    That’s too bad about the crash. How exciting though to see some racing in your neighborhood.

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: June 12, 2019

      Sorry: neighbourhood.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 12, 2019

    Interesting photos from the questing — lots of bricks there.
    I hope the cyclists injuries werent too serious — still amazes me how they can race so close together and not get tangled up more than they do.
    And there is a Skoda! Unknown here, Im not sure even Jay Leno who has a huge car collection has one.

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