A Little Visit From Our Favorite Goddess

Del Monte Beach Monterey

What a nice surprise a quick email to say “hey let’s go for a ride”. We met the Goddess and BJ at the coffee shop at Asilomar, chatted for awhile to catch up and then off we went.

Pokey meets Surly Girl. 


Pokey’s not so sure she wants to share. The Goddess says “yes, Surly Girl is Zippy”


We even traveled the highly scary infamous bike trail.


To the top of the hill…..then down for a nice long chat while watching sea lions hunt.


The challenge this month will be fun……I love taking photos of trees. This is a Monterey Cypress. There are only two native stands of these left in Calif. One in Pt Lobos and the other in Pebble Beach. All others were planted by man. 

I’m taking advantage of the relaxed rules this month and including some of my fav tree photos….this featured photo was taken this past week in Big Sur on Soberanes Canyon Trail in the redwood forest.

Janet here of Jack and Janet in Seaside, CA. We just love to ride our bikes and share and read stories from other such afflicted souls.

4 response to "A Little Visit From Our Favorite Goddess"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 3, 2019

    Great you could get together for a ride. Enjoyed the photos.
    I wasnt aware the Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach was damaged in the storms this year until I was looking up cypresses in general.
    Those trees in Soberanes canyon look pretty good sized!

  2. By: NancyG Posted: August 3, 2019

    What a wonderful meet up! Nice trees and photos.

  3. By: Seasidejanet Posted: August 20, 2019

    So sorry not to have responded……I was so so busy the last two weeks. I hope to get back to a normal busy soon. Thanks all.

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