Somehow a crazy idea got into my head this morning, which is pretty weird because I’m normally pretty milquetoast. My idea was to capture all 20 of the items on Round Two of Rich’s Scavenger Hunt list in a single day. (In addition, I still had to find a legitimate reel lawnmower since Rich and his devilish cohort, Helen Waite, rejected the extremely clever photo in my last post.)

I guess it might have been a good idea to come up with a title for this post which didn’t give away the fact that I failed. A title like “Greg Is Determined to Find 21 Items In 24 Hours” would have kept you on the edge of your seats.

And that’s what I really planned to do. Unfortunately, today’s messed up heat and humidity put an end to that idea. After three hours of pedaling around in that stuff, and all of my water consumed in the first hour, and the feeling of sunburn on my face and lips, I finally had to submit. The reel lawn mower, the classic car, bike shop decal and tire swing will have to wait ’til another day.

Still, I DID find 17 items, which is somewhat of a consolation prize. You can view them below. Some of the items might be kind of hard to see, so I painted a few arrows to make them easier to find.

Bird Nest. (You might have to trust me on this one. I zoomed in as much as I could on my phone without total distortion. That eagle’s nest has been in that tree on the peninsula for several years. I bet it has as much square footage as my backpacking tent.)

Another Cyclist (In today’s heat and humidity, it was tough to find many cyclists as hardy and as milquetoast as me. But I saw that dude up ahead.)

A Lock
A Feather

A School Bus

Something Rusty (In this case, some kind of rusty bolt near the railyard.)

Okay, I don’t think I need any more arrows from this point on. The rest of the pictures are pretty obvious.


Motor Home(s)

Broken Window (A gunshot, perhaps?)

Floating Object(s)

Odd Shaped Tree


Outdoor Artwork



Tennis Court


Cell Phone Tower

2 response to "A LOFTY GOAL, UNATTAINED"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 9, 2021

    An incredible feat! Especially in the heat and humidity which we too are enjoying today.
    Most excellent!
    Thanks for pointing out the lock, I would have missed that.

    BTW, Helen and I both acknowledged the extremely clever reel on a lawnmower photo, major points for that —- its still rejected, 🙂

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: June 10, 2021

    Well done – especially the many locks, many school buses, many floating objects and enormous chain!

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