A Simple Gum Tree

I logged in this morning to see how the monthly challenge is going.  Well, it took ages to read everyone’s posts; Subject: Trees.  A very popular challenge it seems and a very interesting one.

Today I add another Eucalyptus …… sorry, not sure of type.

When I cycle out of Longford, this road is one of three main routes to follow.  Therefore I cycle past this tree often.  On this day it was bloody cold and I hadn’t warmed up much.  Cold fingers had some difficulty working the camera.  Looking at the image that doesn’t seem possible – it looks like high summer!

Later in the week I cycled past a rather different tree.

These trees are probably victims of “die back”.  Cause.  Mostly drought and/or insect attack.  Around the Norfolk Plains there are the occasional group of dead trees adding sadness to the scene.

A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 17, 2019

    Great photos — had to look up why they are called Gum Trees — apparently, the Aboriginal people did chew the sticky rubbery sap from a wound in the tree.

    Now saying Eucalyptus extract is good for dental health.

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