Another Close to Normal Ride: Chesapeake Beach/North Beach MD

Back to doing long rides on Saturday, I did a favorite 61 mile loop from Harwood MD down to Chesapeake Beach and back up again. This is a standard Potomac Pedalers ride called “The Express Train to Chesapeake Beach” but still no PPTC group rides. There was a good number of cyclists out on the roads and there was an energetic “Black Lives Matter” rally on the main street through Chesapeake Beach that was good to see.

The Harwood MD/Chesapeake/North Beach 61 mile loop

We’ve had a lot of rain and many turtles were out crossing the roads – the other side has a strong lure. Unfortunately, a lot of evidence of frogs who apparently would never make the top ten on the FROGGER video game.

On a long stretch of Sand Road, I was slowing to stop to do a turtle rescue, when a young woman in a Jeepy-type Jeep passed me, stopped, put on her flashers and did the rescue. We played hopscotch over the next few miles as she rescued two more. Driving home, I stopped and put my flashers to allow a huge snapping turtle to scurry (those suckers are fast) across safely for the last few feet.

A calm day on the Chesapeake Bay at North Beach with the cliffs in the distance

The photo is of North Beach, with the cliffs south of Chesapeake Beach in the background, where the boardwalk and restrooms (cleaned every 2 hours) are open, but not yet the beach. They will open that to residents only during the coming week as a way of maintaining physical spacing.

With about 20 miles left, I stopped at Chesapeake Market and Deli at Herrington Harbor to buy some snacks and drinks and take a break. The heat picked up just in time for the hilly stretches heading up to Deale and I wilted, just like a delicate orchid…

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4 response to "Another Close to Normal Ride: Chesapeake Beach/North Beach MD"

  1. By: Suzanne Posted: June 8, 2020

    Nice ride! Heat and hills after 60 km are enough to make more hardy flowers than a delicate orchid wilt.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: June 8, 2020

    I’ve always felt the same way about turtles as I do about BUGS. I don’t like to touch them. Perhaps I need an attitude adjustment so I can save them like you and the woman in the “Jeepy-type Jeep.” Very admirable.

  3. By: jpescatore Posted: June 8, 2020

    I’m fine with turtles, touching a snake grosses me out. Every now and then we get one in the house and I have to use a rag to cover my hands and arms to grab it.

    For some reason, to me the saddest road kill is turtle road kill. Squirrels and other rodents, deer, etc. I kind of feel like “Hey, you are quick enough to get across when no one is coming, if you were just patient.” Turtles, not so quick.

    I’ve also never had a turtle scare the crap out of me by darting out and dancing around in front of me when I’m zooming downhill…

    • By: Scooter Posted: June 9, 2020

      I’m with you, turtle-wise. It’s so depressing seeing a flattened shell in the road, and the few live ones I’ve seen on the pavement I’ve stopped for. I’m envious that you’ve gotten to see so many of them back there. They’re really pretty uncommon in the Pacific Northwest.

      Now snakes are a different story. I pretty much always stop for snakes too, much to Rachael’s consternation.

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