Another one for round I

In Germany porch swings are called Hollywood swings (Hollywood Schaukel), but I wasn’t able to spot a single one. Besides people over here love to plant thick, inpenetrable hedges aound their yards. So to see what they have out on their porches, or more often terraces, I’d have to get off my bike and crane my neck to peer into their private space. Fortunately sometimes there are openings in the hedges and gates and I finally found a swing on a porch. Hoping no one was looking out the window, I wielded my camera quickly and took off.

Round 1, Number 19

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 9, 2021

    That is a unique porch swing! Interesting name for them in Germany.
    I know what you mean about jumping off your bicycle constantly — and I too am a little leery of photographing peoples homes — personally, I wouldn’t appreciate it.
    That is why having your bicycle in every photo is not required.

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