Art Coffee Ride: Sunday in the park

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern over my health commenting on my last post. I really am much better and the pain in my foot remains a mystery. Its not cramps, or a stress fracture or a broken bone spur (although it felt like one of the last two), the doc doesn’t think its gout (I’ve been there too) and it was way more severe and localized to be cramps besides lasting four days. So who knows? Knock wood, it won’t hamper my riding again.

So today I waited for the fog to lift and went for a visit to Dijon. The first fifteen kilometers were down the usual route to the port on the canal.

The tour boats are laid up for the winter, and the tourists gone home.

Sundays are very quiet here. Almost all the stores are closed, as well as most of the cafés and restaurants. But with the nice weather, the Dijonais are out enjoying the sun. The bear statue in  the Parc Darcy is enjoying the sun, too.

The artist ,François Pompon,was from the Cote d’Or and he was best known for his animal sculptures, this being his most famous one. It was reproduced in many sizes and materials, a large marble version is found in the Musée D’Orsay in Paris. I was surprised that the fountains in the parc were still active.

Dijon has some really remarkable public spaces and I rode along the Avenue de la Liberté visiting some of them. Not far from the Parc Darcy is the Place Darcy where the Fontaine de Jeunesse by Blondat has been turned off for the season.

Kermit would be right at home. On down the Avenue, which is open only to pedestrians and bikes, I got to the place du Bareuzai.

Bareuzai is an ole Burgundian word for the one who stomps out the grapes and the statue on the fountain is a representation of him. Some of the cafés are doing a good business in the sunshine, but in summer this place is crowded.

This sculpture hasn’t acquired a nick name yet. Its just gone three o’clock and already the shadows are getting long.

The ducal palace is still in the sunshine, though. Its now city hall/the art museum/ the tourist office/ and meeting spaces, the dukes not needing it any more. (The last duke died in 1477).

Leaving the center of the city, I went to the Parc de la Colombier, where the ducal pigeons were once raised. Today it was full of people out strolling in the sun and lots of kids visiting the farm animals at the petting zoo. I stopped for coffee at the kiosk in the zoo.

A picnic table in the shade was unoccupied, so I sat to drink my coffee. Leaving the park, I followed the canal path out of the city. I was surprised to see this/

This must surely be one of the last moves on the canal before it closes for the winter.

What ride would be complete without a chateau? OK, that’s a silly question, chateaux are optional, of course, but here’s the chateau at Petit Ouges:

From the looks of things a lot of home improvements are going into the old building.

One last piece of art before we get home. The electric boxes around here have been painted up nicely probably to prevent tagging. Its better than leaving them plain and ugly, and more appealing than the mindless scrawls of idiots. Also its good outlet for the latent talents of the local teenagers to let them decorate the boxes.

I wonder why she looks so sad?

From here it was a further twenty kilometers home, and  it went by quickly.

Date: November 4, 2018

Kilometers ridden: 46

Coffees consumed: 1


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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: November 6, 2018

    Kermit says, yes, the fountain looks good! But maybe in June instead of November. We liked the polar bear, too!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 6, 2018

    Turns out I have one of the reproductions of the bear — I had no idea it originated in France, Thanks!

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