What I liked about this banner is that it felt refreshing after seeing all the ghosts, goblins and monsters on exhibit in all the yards. Those are fun, but this struck me as a ‘refreshing’ change. As well, I rather appreciated the bike as a backdrop ;’-).

Being the 12th man for the Seattle Seahawks, many fly the flag ;’-)

I could not position myself on the correct side of the flag, but it IS a 12.

The wind does not always cooperate…

We had a wonderful trip, but — it is so good to be home even in the rain and clouds! AND the rain will go away for the week and I will finally be riding my bike.YAY!

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 24, 2019

    I know what you mean about the wind not cooperating — this morning at the park the 3 flags were aligned correctly in a very brisk wind, but I had already posted the photo previously.

    I like the bicycle in the background of the Welcome banner, and the bicycle in the foreground too.
    It appears visitors are welcome, but just in case they aren’t, they have ADT! 😉

    A football coach at the HS here several years ago was once a player the Seahawks.

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