As Suzanne would say — June Schmoon! Today — the last day of May — has such gorgeous weather that Susan even joined me for my ride!!! So there. While out, I found my first 8 items.

In the order of when we found them all today on our mile ride, without me really searching very hard:



#3 OUT OF STATE LICENCSE PLATE (I live in Washington State)


#5 LARGE MACHINE (How could I resist!)

#6 A FORK IN THE ROAD (How fortuitous)



I have to say — these were the easy ones for me. There are a few more I am sure of finding, but there are several that are doubtful. But you never know since we do go out of town and I may find those difficult ones. At first I thought the list was oh so long, but this is fun. I love searching for things. Thanks Rich.

12 response to "BIKING AND SEEKING"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 31, 2021

    Wow! That is a great start!
    I was a little confused with the large machine photo , , , , Oh! You meant the airplane! 😉
    Excellent! Looking forward to more items you find.

    • By: NancyG Posted: May 31, 2021

      Oh, you perhaps thought it was my bike? I am glad you figured it out. ;’-)😊

  2. By: Laura Posted: May 31, 2021

    I must ride soon. Doubt that I find many things on the list, but at least it will get me out of the house. Going nuts in here alone. Cat will return Wednesday night and I do hope that helps. It’s not that I don’t have plenty I need to do here, but can’t settle down and read, sew, paint, etc. I was invited to hike with a club I used to belong to, but they are now only allowing members with guests and the girl who asked me is going to be out of town this weekend.

    • By: NancyG Posted: June 1, 2021

      Doesn’t matter how many of the things you find, it is a fine motivator to ride your bike ;’-). I hope you will give it a go and ride a few times this month as time, weather and other circumstances allow ;’-). (Great to see you here).

  3. By: Bill Stone Posted: May 31, 2021

    One ride and you found all those and it’s not even June yet? I think I will just slink away from this challenge!

    • By: NancyG Posted: June 1, 2021

      Oh not Bill — don’t slink away. It just happened that I was on a longer ride on a gorgeous day and found all those things. The future days will not hold nearly as many for the challenge.

      • By: Bill Stone Posted: June 2, 2021

        I might need to affix hard copy of list to cockpit so I can constantly refer to it while pedaling, else my mind will drift away and I will never remember all that stuff I’m supposed to be looking for. Oh, look! There’s an attractive young lady on a really nice mountain bike! 😉

  4. By: gregblood Posted: June 1, 2021

    Pretty cheeky to sneak in a monthly challenge before the month began. I wish I would have thought of it. They’re all pretty good finds. Good luck on the silo.

    • By: NancyG Posted: June 1, 2021

      Cheeky because I beat you to it. Now about the silo… hee hee hee hee. Just you wait.

  5. By: BobinVT Posted: June 1, 2021

    You totally beat me to the “fork in the road” idea. Great job finding stuff.

    • By: NancyG Posted: June 1, 2021

      That fork find was totally unexpected! Nothing says you cannot find something similar ;’-).

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