4 response to "Challenge of the Month: July 2019"

  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: July 2, 2019

    Great photo! Scott should turn it into one of the alternating banners for this website.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: July 2, 2019

    Hey, Alchemy-guy,

    I’m going to try to guess how you got that shot. You were riding in a paceline with those guys, then you saw a cool blue wall up in the distance. You pulled out and, with your superior speed, raced ahead of them, jumped off your bike, and positioned your camera in a matter of a couple of seconds.
    However you did it, it’s a great picture.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: July 2, 2019

      Hi Greg. That is an impressive guess. I cannot, however, claim to have anything to do with taking this photograph. I wasn’t even aware that we were riding past a row of shophouses with the same blue fronts.

      The organisers of this event had photographers stationed along the route. This was certainly one of the better shots from that day.

      P.S. If I had known, I would have tried to get my legs at the same angle as the two guys in front of me 😄

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 2, 2019

    Cool photo — it would make a good banner.

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