Change of Venue

So here I am in the great state of New York. The last few days, I’ve been doing some house and cat sitting for my son while he and his partner are off on vacation. This is the first time I’ve ventured out of state since mid-March. My son’s house is located in Dutchess county (north of NYC), very close to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, which runs from Wassaic to Millerton. The trail is about 15 miles long, with more currently under development. It’s a very nice paved trail, conveniently signed at all the crossroads, plentiful parking, the occasional Garceau if you need it. In short, not at all what I’m used to. You’ve seen some pictures of the rail trail near my house. It’s of the type that’s closer to a hiking trail, consisting of dirt, double track, and a few tree roots thrown in. All this smooth surface seems like such a luxury. I’ve been here for a few days now, and have ridden most days. Following are an assortment of pictures from several rides.

Horses grazing along the trail
Pond, mostly covered with algae. I’m pretty sure it radiated out from some central point

The southern terminus of the trail in Wassaic also happens to be the northern terminus of Metro North’s Harlem Line, a commuter rail that runs down into Grand Central in NYC. I am by no means a train geek, but I do like to look at trains.

I love these small stations that are really just a platform and nothing else
Pulling into the station. You might be asking, “Gee, I wonder why he didn’t do a video of it pulling into the station. That would have been cool.” Excellent question, and one I asked myself about 10 seconds after it went by. And, you would have heard the horn, the sound waves RADIATING out from the locomotive.
Another engine, off on a siding
Hadn’t really noticed how interesting the clouds looked when I was taking this photo
More clouds. Eastern New York is a very pretty area
I’m sure by the end of the month, wheels are going to seem like very old news for this challenge
And yet, one more spoke and wheel

I’m sitting inside today as tropical storm Isaias does it’s thing outside. I’ve got one more day here before I head back home, and the weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, so hopefully I’ll be able to capture a few more trail pictures to post.

Retired guy who likes to ride his bike in Vermont.

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: August 4, 2020

    Nice to see this country. I’ve wanted to bike in upstate New York for a long time now. It’s one of our backup thoughts for this fall if Croatia falls through – if New York will still let us in that is.

    • By: BobinVT Posted: August 5, 2020

      I lived in upstate New York for my first 40 years, and it definitely has a lot to offer. Looks like whether you have to quarantine upon coming to New York depends on what state you’re coming from. Currently Oregon is a good state although Washington is bad. So, you have some hope. But, fingers crossed that Croatia works out for you guys.

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: August 4, 2020

    Nice trail, Bob. But, like you say, too bad you didn’t get video and audio of the train passing and blaring its horn. The Doppler effect could have been an award-winning example of radiating waves.

    • By: BobinVT Posted: August 5, 2020

      Yeah, wish I had time to go back and try again.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 4, 2020

    Beautiful trail and a beautiful state.
    Great photos!

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: August 5, 2020

    Looks like cat and house sitting was a good trade off! I like that picture of the scenery framed by the wheel of your bike.

  5. By: gregblood Posted: August 5, 2020

    Bob, good job in taking your bike with you when you go out of town. And thank you for using the correct name for those portable toilets.

    • By: BobinVT Posted: August 5, 2020

      Well I’m doing my best to learn the correct terminology!

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