Checking on the Corn & Roadside Weeds

Ride south on 7th to see how the corn is progressing — it is — the Raleigh makes a stop where photos of the growing corn have been made since planting.  While that field is prone to flooding, the good news is, it also gets some of Illinois’ finest silt and soil each time it does.Dense planting!  Some say to plant between 24,000 and 32,000 plants per acre.

Not entirely sure what happened here — nearest swath doesn’t appear to be Round-Up ready seed?

Roadside grasses, wild chicory, and soybean field.

Daisies ?  and Clover.

Kinda neat looking fuzzy grass.

Raleigh returns home to newly resurfaced drive.   $$$$$$  Ouch!

Sequential photos of the field:  (Scroll to lower part of the page)

Very much enjoy all the entries you all have provided -- great to see the everyday cycling venues. Being in eastern Illinois, scenery certainly isn't our forte, but oh well, the roads are normally quiet. Look forward to more and more entries from all of you, I do have a few over on BL -- in Bill's Day Rides, and one journal.

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  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: June 15, 2018

    Ah, crop inspection! My ace support crew remembers long, hot summer days in McLean County when she was a little girl, and her father would take the kids out for a “crop inspection” drive every evening, always ending with a stop somewhere for ice cream before heading back to the farm. I think it is still just like that in Blue Mound township in the summer with the latest generation of little kids. Rich, I hope you rewarded yourself with a double scoop. 😉

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 16, 2018

      My CHO (Chief Household Officer) had similar experiences with her grandfather in Judith Basin Montana — crop inspections — except that in her case it wasnt ice cream, it was I scream, as his attention was more on the fields of wheat and barley than staying on the road. Decades later I shared the experience. Nothing had changed. 😉

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: June 16, 2018

    Knee-high by the fourth of July – looks like the party bridge field is exceeding ‘old’ expectations. Like many people who grew up in the Midwest, I detasseled corn one summer as a teenager. I actually didn’t mind it – I liked being outside – but I hate to think of all the pesticides I was exposed to!

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 16, 2018

      That anhydrous ammonia supercharges the corn these days for sure. The corn is so thick a person would have to slide in sideways!

      Ride down 7th late this afternoon revealed people at Party Bridge firing some sort of high powered sounding weapon. I did not proceed!

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