CLC 2019 Ride 5: Monterey

Monday, April 15, 2019

The wife and I had been itching for a day in Monterey. I contacted Our Good Friends Jack and Janet (TM) to see if they would be around for a CLC ride. They were. We did. While we cycled the wife drove and drove (which was not her plan). We managed to find each other for lunch at a local sandwich emporium where the sandwiches were huge and the art hung on the walls included a photograph by Our Janet (sadly did not photograph the photograph. Apologies to all.). Then we rode a little more on the mean sidewalks of Monterey and the four of us found each other again at the Coast Guard pier where we saw marine life up close. The forecasted rain arrived at that point so we couples went our separate ways, J&J to dry digs and KJ&BJ to explore more of Monterey and Pacific Grove before returning home.

Sure, you’re all smiles now. Just wait, out-of-towner, we’ll show you a good time. Heh heh.
Janet routed us past this art project in a nearby park. She showed these off to us in an earlier post. It was really neat to see them up close and personal.
We’ve reached the wharves in the harbor. But first a pit stop at what we used to call Garceaus. Today we learned that they’re really called Field Offices according to Jack. Both in use at the moment.
Brave pigeon photobomb.
J&J showing me that yes you can cycle all the way around the end of Wharf #2. Wahoo. I always turned around too soon. No more.
Pokey likes to push limits sometimes. What a lovely view today though.
We patronized local eatery Mundo’s, where the sandwiches are large enough to share. Not pictured: Janet’s great photo that’s hung in a showing.
Janet promised to take me to the Lower Presidio which she recently showed off for CLC. Pictured: Janet’s bike, me and Pokey, Jack’s back. Also note: weather change. Rain coming in and it got colder while we were lunching.
Lower Presidio actually has some height to it. We’re looking over Monterey Harbor. And that’s Wharf #2 out there.
We reconnected with the wife at the Coast Guard pier. Sea life likes to haul out here, including this California sea lion, so you get a good look at them close up. This gal is over 4 feet long, but she’s tucked up. We also saw a sea otter with her pup on her belly, some loons, cormorants doing mating displays and carrying off kelp to make nests, a black turnstone feasting on the mussels, and some Coasties heading out to sea.
After parting from Jack and Janet, BJ and I meandered to Asilomar State Beach where we did some tidepooling in the rain. Check out the effect of the raindrops on the water.
Asilomar State Beach. Great surf today, and decent tidepooling. Nice way to end a nice day.

tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride my trike I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it where I like (And I like to ride my bicycle too)

13 response to "CLC 2019 Ride 5: Monterey"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: April 16, 2019

    I laughed out loud (LOLed) at one of your pictures. Yup, you guessed it–that Steller’s Sea Lion sunning himself was hilarious.

    Your post also gave me a good idea for issuing my very first Cycle365 Challenge: A bike ride featuring everybody’s most scenic Garceau. I’ve heard other colloquialisms for Garceaus, but never “Field Offices.”

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: April 17, 2019

      A Garceau cycle challenge. Thank God of the Great Outdoors for public toilets I say, often a very welcome sight.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 17, 2019

      Sounds like a great challenge. And I remember your CGOAB article about utilizing the Great Outdoors when nature calls.

      • By: gregblood Posted: April 17, 2019

        And I remember you being the one who pasted the word “Garceau” on one of my porta-john pictures. I’ll try to did that picture up when I post the challenge.

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 18, 2019

      Long time since I photographed a Garceau. I think your challenge idea is excellent.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 16, 2019

    Great ride and time with Jack and Janet — thanks for posting, and especially the shot of all of you AND the mobile home!!

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 18, 2019

      Their home (not pictured) is nice and cozy and efficient and I almost asked to move in. It’s in a great location. There isn’t too much that you can say that’s bad about Monterey. J&J keep telling us about other homes for sale there. Makes ya think….

  3. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 17, 2019

    Glad to see the band is back together! Loved the featured photo with all three of you. I gotta get me one of them brims.

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 18, 2019

      Da Brims are da bomb. I have two different versions myself.

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: April 18, 2019

    Great to get out of town and ride with friends. Love the pics and the spirit of the ride. Sorry for the wife having such GPS frustrations – I am pretty sure I could not drive with GPS as I would chuck it out the window pretty quickly when it tells me to go the opposite direction when I can actually see where I want to go is the other way! I still study a map ahead of time and write down notes I sticky to the dash 🙂

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 18, 2019

      Our problem was that the sandwich shop had two locations. But we all still had a good time together when we were together.

  5. By: NancyG Posted: April 18, 2019

    Always so nice to have a bike ride with friends, especially when you are in a place very familiar to them and they can teach you something about a route like riding all the way around Wharf #2 ;’-).

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 18, 2019

      Yes, local knowledge is always a good thing. And it’s nice to let someone else figure out the route once in a while. And it’s nice to hang out with good people.

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