CLC 2020 #5

The plan had been that we would fly down to Elk Grove, CA and be with Lucy for her 8th birthday — had to cancel those plans. We had bought the card and stamp earlier so sent off the Birthday card to Grand Lucy for her 8th birthday. Not sure when we will get to see all the Grands, and we miss them.

On more of our ride we passed by several of these … SIGN OF THE TIMES.

Per our Governor we now have the official order to STAY AT HOME. That order is for at least the next two weeks in the effort to contain the virus. At least we can still get out for bike rides and this week has brought better weather for that than we have been expecting ;’-).

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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: March 26, 2020

    Hard not to be able to see the grands, isn’t it! Otherwise I’m not complaining about a single restriction any more. Staying at home is a small sacrifice.

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 26, 2020

      Yep, that is the hard part — staying away for loved ones and those you care about. Basically I am feeling the same as you at this point Suzanne, not complaining about anything — I am still healthy and safe and have a home to stay in. Not all are as fortunate.

  2. By: Hopkins Escapades Posted: March 26, 2020

    Sorry your plans to visit the Grands was thwarted by the devious Covid19. May your next opportunity to visit be all the sweeter for the extra time you’ve been apart.

    Hard to see all the closures of places we love to frequent or pass by, but I guess it’s a necessity to keep the majority healthy. Time will tell and I want them to be correct in this assessment. My SIL works in the medical field in Washington, she (and many like her) want/need these closures to work to curb the beast.

    Keep smiling and count your blessings for current health and a bright future of cycling when the tide has turned rosey again.

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