CLC#7 Utah Utah Utah

So, the end of CLC is closing in fast and with this cold and life in general getting in the way we…well I’ve, been out very little on my bike. We decided to change that today.

Load um up and head um out….yes we loaded the bikes in the Transit and headed North. We had this idea to drive to Wilder Ranch just north of Santa Cruz and bike back to SC and around the park. Should be fun….right?!

Jack is getting really good at packing up the bikes. He was ready in 15 minuets….I was still brushing my teeth.

The farm workers were up and working long before us!! Very busy in the fields today.
Soon we were at our destination…..Wilder Ranch State Park.

We’ve both been here a couple of times however we have never been on our bikes together. I’ve been here with my photo club and Jack has been here with his son to ride the trails. The park covers several acres/miles. It was a huge dairy farm in it’s day and has property from the ocean bluffs to the mountain tops and nearly all of it is available to ride or hike. Today the plan is to ride around the immediate housing area and. Then head to Santa Cruz…which is just a few miles south.

The parking lot was filled with Transit and Transit like vehicles. There are usually lot’s of mountain bikes here. Bill I see a ride in your future.
We made it down to the housing compound. Here you have to “Walk” your bikes.  The house on the far left was Mom and Dad’s the one closer to Jack was a wedding gift to the older son and his bride.
There was this really interesting tree in the front lawn. No name tags so not sure what it is. The houses are set down in a little valley/gulch area away from the wind up on the bluffs. Smart folks those early settlers.
Someone is earning his keep! Thought he was going to bring it right to us.
The trails have all kinds of travelers!
Jack is being very obedient or just following the girls😀
Barn filled with antique equipment.
There are chickens, goats and horses still on the farm. They were being feed as we walked through.

This was the first of a few interesting signs we saw on the trails today….watch out for “creatures” on the path. We turned onto this path and immediately went UP! Like 15% up!

So…I stopped part of the way up to take this. It was just after this that we encountered several homeless folks on the trail. One of them was just standing on the trail saying Utah Utah Utah….well that is where we want to go this fall. We think he was our beacon and we now need to follow through for sure.

Within a few short miles we are on Cliff Drive in SC and Jack is seriously thinking of changing sports.
He just needs to change some equipment and switch from leg strength to arm strength. Seems getting to the water is the most challenging part of surfing.
Another short mile or so, we did 13.5 total, we are at the Beach Boardwalk. Not so busy.
We asked if we could take a walk and were told yes….turns out he didn’t have any authority to say that.
As Jack is reading up on fashion history and Janet is in the ladies room….we are asked to leave by the guys that may not have guns but they did have tasers.
Ok ok we’ll leave. Just let me get this cool sign.
Since 1911….I know not old for some of you but in California it’s old.
Time for lunch. We decided to head out on the fishing wharf.
Fish and shrimp tacos….Taco Wednesday! Way to much food just ate one each with shells then the meat from the others. Felt a little bad about tossing all those shells.
View from the Wharf. This is an old wood roller coaster. One of a few left.

This was interesting…….The League of American Bicyclists since 1880! Who knew!

Then this happened. I hate these cattle crossings!!! I was over thinking getting across it and of course fell. Really pissed cause I twisted and cut my knee and Big Sur is Sunday. Hope I can do my event the 11 miler. Plus the handle bars twisted into my ribs I’ll know tomorrow how I’m feeling😂
Seems there was a little sibling altercation on the ride home. Think we learned that yes…he needs to set the hand brakes!


All in all it was fun to ride somewhere different for a change……Utah Utah Utah

Janet here of Jack and Janet in Seaside, CA. We just love to ride our bikes and share and read stories from other such afflicted souls.

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  1. By: gregblood Posted: April 26, 2018

    Hopefully you’ll recover quickly for the Big Sur event. I have a feeling the ribs might be the sorest thing for a few days. Other than that, cool pictures–as always.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: April 26, 2018

      You are soooo right! Feeling a little sore this AM. I was so embarrassed as while I was lying there trying to feel if anything broke or if my lung was poked this nice young man comes along and offers to help me up and of course I jumped up rather fast “oh I’m fine”. Nothing like a bike fall to really embarrass you!! So guess I got away with just a wounded ego!

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: April 26, 2018

    Fun outing, well except for the cattle crossing. Hope you heal for Sunday. Good luck on your 11-miler. Are you doing it for the first time? Must be beautiful!

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: April 26, 2018

      Thanks…no this is my third time at 11mi and I’ve completed the 21 mi last yr. Then way back in the 80’s I ran the marathon four times. It is a beautiful course!!

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: April 28, 2018

    Hope your run went well and you weren’t too sore. Looked like a fantastic ride other than the cattle guard – did they even have cattle there to keep in or out? There’s nothing more embarrassing than a fall when others are around!

  4. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 29, 2018

    Hi Janet,

    Glad you survived intact. Nice ride! Looks like you’re trying to lure the Ogre and me down the coast.

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