Coffeeneuring 2018 Ride 4: The Tao of Bike

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 / 16 miles /

By some miracle, four neighboring cities and a town on the San Francisco peninsula agreed on something. It’s called the Peninsula Bikeway, a designated route on surface streets connecting the cities and town. They even agreed on the signage. And even more of a miracle, the route coincided quite a bit with how I usually get through these places. There were a few differences, though, so I decided to ride a part of the bikeway for my fourth coffeeneuring ride.

I drove a couple of cities away and parked at the Menlo Park civic center in Burgess Park. I’d never parked there before, and I never noticed that the library was there. I kept that in mind for later.

We start. A touch of fall, a great old oak.
The route was well marked most of the time.
Ahhh. Now we’re in the town of Atherton, one of the higher-priced places around. They have a lot of nice big oaks, I’ll say that for them. Love riding through here.
The Menlo Circus Club’s polo field. Ride 2 mentioned the discovery of some other polo clubs, but they are further south. Who knew this area would be such a polo hotbed? Well, combine money and love of horses and there you go.
Here’s one difference in the route: RidewithGPS had me go through this parking lot. I thought it was crazy but went with it. Turns out to be brilliant. The route follows streets going the other direction, but from this way, not so much. This senior housing complex’s driveway had a traffic light at the exit so I could cross a major arterial road right were I supposed to.

As I was riding through the parking lot, a resident walked past me. He saw me, said, “Aaaaand we have a winner!” and dropped his arm like he had a checkered flag. I raised my arms in victory! Take ’em when you get ’em.

We’re in Redwood City now. This part is a little different from Atherton.
On ride 3 we saw this creek as it met San Francisco Bay. The rest of its course is either channelized like this or undergrounded.
Now this – this is a corn stalk. Take that, Midwest!
Fall, California style.
These folks did quite a nice job on their property with low-water-using plants. Lots of succulents and such. But it still looks lush.
We’ve reached the northern terminus of the bikeway – a creek between Redwood Our Fair City and San Carlos. The redwoods make for a very shady creek.

Now that I’d reached the northern end of the bikeway, I wanted my coffeeneuring. I was hoping a friend of mine would be home, but she wasn’t. I had to go to plan B, the nearest Starbucks. I did about an extra mile going back and forth which was not fun since I really needed a pit stop. They were playing the worst head-banging metal in the shop, so I just pedaled to a nearby park to finish my iced tea, do a crossword, enjoy a rest. After this I continued back on a slightly different route. It took me near another friend who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I couldn’t even remember her house number although I did get the right street. I called her as I was riding up and down her street. She picked up immediately, surprised but glad to hear from me (oops). “Are you home?” “Err, yes, but I am by the door with jacket in hand.” “Great. I’m somewhere on your street. What number are you?” She told me and came outside. I was only one door away. It was great to see her. We quickly caught up then went our separate ways. She passed me in her car a little while later and yelled out the window to stop taking up so much of the road.

Proof of coffeeneuring. Sbux was not my first choice but it was my best, especially since my first choice, barging in on a friend, didn’t work out because they weren’t home.
We’re back in Atherton.
I love the Bide-A-Whyle gates. Beyond them is a large but unprepossessing ranch house, which is unlike 99% of its neighboring mansions.
Yes, yes, there is a fall. And a nice bike lane.
Back where we started. Libraries are great, aren’t they? They are outgrowing the word and becoming centers for so many community goods. Early afternoon, before school is out, and the bike rack is full. Like the fixit station too.
It’s Halloween season, and I was captivated by how clever these decorations were in the library. (It’s a photo collage; they weren’t all displayed together like this.)

All in all, the bikeway is a good route, especially for commuting. One or two arterial crossings are a bit dicey, but they’re open to changes based on feedback, they say. I wrote them about the one crossing I had to make from the senior housing driveway but haven’t heard back.

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  1. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: November 1, 2018

    We too have a few places with huge imposing gates and nothing out of the ordinary to back them up. Other places have falling down entries and very imposing farmhouses back a bit. Our own gate is ordinary, wooden and falling down!!

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: November 2, 2018

    I love that lone corn stalk! Jack may have climbed that if given the choice between that and the beanstalk. I also loved the avenue of oaks. And I’m 99 percent certain I can say I will never live near a neighbourhood with multiple polo grounds! Aaaahhh… life choices.

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