Coffeeneuring 2018 Ride 6: Surf City

Monday, November 5, 2018 / 9 miles /

This was a special day: I got to ride with Janet and Jack. We met somewhat in the middle at Wilder Ranch State Park. They drove up to the north end of Monterey Bay, I came over the hill from SF Bay. We had no particular agenda in mind except to hang out on our bikes and take it easy and do the coffeeneuring thing. It wasn’t until we were gathering ourselves in the parking lot that Janet told me it was her birthday today. I was touched that she chose to spend part of her day coffeeneuring together. That made the day even more special.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the actual riding. Janet has more in her post. But it started at an historical ranch, went on a bike path along fields of artichokes, through a mixed-bag kind of zone in northern Santa Cruz out to the waterside, then down West Cliff Drive to Steamer Lane. Steamer Lane is a pretty famous surf spot, if you’re a surfer. It’s right below the Surfing Museum. We had our coffee near there, celebrated Janet’s birthday with a chunk of watermelon and a stir stick as a candle, then retraced our route. The conversation and the companionship were the highlights of the ride.

Another one of those joke signs before you go into the area of the historical ranch houses and barns. I didn’t pay any attention to it, but J&J did.
Why are those people following me.
We made it out to Steamer Lane. Not optimal surfing conditions. Completely flat water. No surfers either.
I put my phone back in my pocket after taking the photo above. Within about 10 seconds the surf started to rise and 3-4 surfers paddled out from the beach. It was uncanny. The tide had turned and those surfers had it to minute.
Look at these kids! Especially the birthday girl.
Coffee at Steamer Lane Supply across the street from the surf spot. It was fun people-watching and kid-watching.
That guy is still following me.
Back at the bike path back to Wilder Ranch. There are lots of creatures on this path, mostly 2-legged.
Artichokes to the sea.

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4 response to "Coffeeneuring 2018 Ride 6: Surf City"

  1. By: Lah Posted: November 20, 2018

    Sounds like a lot of fun to bicycle with people from our group. I do think the person who did the Share the Path sign should have put the cyclist in front of the horse. Riding behind a horse could result in having Road Apples in your face.

  2. By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 20, 2018

    It was such a pleasure to spend time with The Goddess on my Birthday!! Made it even more special!! Thank you for meeting us. I like your photos…..what a great sky we had no smoke!

  3. By: NancyG Posted: November 20, 2018

    How wonderful that you all got to meet up and spend a birthday together and ride bikes ;’-). Somewhat perfect I would say.

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