Coffeeneuring #5 – Little Bessie Gets New Shoes

I’ve been riding Little Bessie a lot lately. I like the upright sitting and just the relaxed feeling I have on her…oh yes her bell too! However, she has had a rubbing on her back wheel for several months. We thought it was just because the wheel was out of round. Nope she had two broken spokes and really old tires. So, this week she was treated to new spokes, wheel trueing and new tires!

She’s looking pretty good!! She likes going out on “the working wharf.

WoW…..she is much easier to ride too!! I’m a little slow sometimes. So off I went on a little 21 mi meander. Looking for coffee and public art.

You could say that this ship is a work of art. It’s the Lady Washington in town for a couple of weeks. She’s a movie star….in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I plan to pay the $5 to board her and take a tour soon. You can also go out on a ride but they are all sold out!
I wind my way out towards the beach and get to my favorite building. It’s the NOAA building. This photo was taken a few  years ago….today no flag. Since it’s Veterans Day I decided it was ok to post. 
This was today.
It’s coffee time. I stopped at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. This was a Peet’s Coffee but changed to Tidal Coffee. Not impressed was no Peet’s😢 but I did get public art. 
These young ladies seem to share our love of coffee. She was wondering why I took her photo.
I think these are art too. Crab season is coming!!
Santa Rosalia the patron saint of fisherman.
She’s watching over the Lady Washington.
I had never really noticed this lovely statue.
On past the renovated conference center.
Past the art museum.
Just for fun.
These folks live in this truck….the tail gate is always open and you can see their kitchen.
It is a work of art. Do you see the chain on the rear wheel?! 

When I get to the lake I’m just over a mile to home. No more art. The smoke wasn’t as bad today as yesterday.

Happy Trails….

Janet here of Jack and Janet in Seaside, CA. We just love to ride our bikes and share and read stories from other such afflicted souls.

10 response to "Coffeeneuring #5 – Little Bessie Gets New Shoes"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 13, 2018

    ” So off I went on a little 21 mi meander.”
    Not so little to me!
    Lots of art to view! Very nice! — (Im fresh out of art work, unless the inflatable turkeys in front of someone’s house counts.) 😉
    Enjoyed all the photos, the air does look much more clear.
    Glad Little Bessie is all back in order — I assume the broken spokes were on the drive side — they usually are, which makes replacement all that much more fun. 🙂

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 13, 2018

      Rich…20mi is kinda our base line….was 30mi. Guess next decade it will be 10😂. But maybe not I see anasist in my future!! Yep…I’m about out. If art too. I realized we don’t really have that much.

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: November 13, 2018

    Glad to hear smoke is improving down your way. AQI too bad here for bicycling on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday…. Had to postpone my return to Tolay Lake Regional Park with Jeff. Just a short, slow walk around Spring Lake resulted in scratchy throat. I complain about the poor air quality, but I’m sure the folks in burned out Paradise would have preferred smoke rather than flames.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 13, 2018

      I know it has really been bad up north. Hope your ok I know my Secandary PTSD kicks in with ea of these fires. Let’s get the rain dances going!

  3. By: Lah Posted: November 13, 2018

    I would say if Little Bessie did 21 miles, she’s certainly in good shape now. My Bike Friday mechanic closed his shop and moved to Pittsburgh area 20 months ago, so hoping Violette holds on for a few more years. You certainly managed to get both Coffeeneuring and the monthly challenge in there today. Enjoyed your post.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 13, 2018

      She is a trooper! I’ve been riding her a lot this way. Good thing my legs are strong or I couldn’t have done it. Guess it was good and bad….

  4. By: Bikerdockeith Posted: November 13, 2018

    Hi Janet,
    Nice ride and so much to see, too! I really liked the sculpture i front of the convention center. It looks like the sardine exhibit at the Monterrey aquarium.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 13, 2018

      It really does. Especially up close they look like fish. Will see if I can find out the artist.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: November 15, 2018

    I love your posts since they give me a taste of the sea and surf without having to go anywhere 🙂 Yay for Bessie – nothing is so good as a newly tuned bike with fresh bits.

  6. By: Suzanne Posted: November 15, 2018

    Love the coffee ladies, and I think the crab pots certainly qualify as art!

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