Coffeeneuring Ride #2 -A bust


You know some days you just shouldn’t get out on your bike😳😳 but we did.

We haven’t ridden north in awhile so we thought why not. I actually like that ride because it feels like we are out on the open road….not on the bike trail doing the same ole ride. It’s hilly, hard and challenging. Just what a ride should be. We can make it 25mi or 20mi. Yesterday was 20.

This is as close to fall color as we get. The ice plant turns rust in the fall. That is Santa Cruz across the Bay!

It was a beautiful day until we saw this!

This homeless encampment. What a mess this guy is.
We’re both busy looking and Jack doesn’t realize I’ve stopped to take a photo! 💥 he runs right into the back of me!

No harm done…well Jack later discovered his brakes were a little jammed. I don’t know who to send these photos to…Seaside, Marina or the State Park. The land is on all the above. I’d really like to see it cleaned up.

Well time to travel on. Look what has arrived in Ft Ord!

These are starting to be everywhere. They aren’t the safest either!! At least these were parked nicely and not just lying around as I have seen.

We were not without excitement again….first  I had to stop and eat before we got to our lunch spot . I was starving and my arm was starting to hurt. I actually told Jack he might need to ride home and come back and get me. That would’ve been disappointing. But I found some aspirin in my bag and that did the trick.

Soon we were coming into the lunch spot. In order to get to it you need to ride across some very deep sand in the parking lot. Guess who didn’t quite make it! Yep – that’s the third fall for me in a few months. I knew it was coming cause my wheels went all wiggles. Thank heavens nothing hurt on me or Bessie!!

We made it to our normal lunch spot…
Love these oaks….they are still at risk of being bulldozed down for “housing” Keep Ft Ord Wild!!

We had our lunch and Jack had his coffee he always takes with him. I was just a little frazzled and didn’t get a photo.

Just  up the Road is the new Veterans Cemetery. Finally opened. I know they fill fast and are difficult to get into.

We made it home without further incidents!!


Janet here of Jack and Janet in Seaside, CA. We just love to ride our bikes and share and read stories from other such afflicted souls.

7 response to "Coffeeneuring Ride #2 -A bust"

  1. By: Lah Posted: October 25, 2018

    In spite of the things that you wish weren’t there, it is a beautiful area. I love those trees…would be a shame to replace with houses. We have just gotten the scooters here…I understand ours are to be laid down and a GPS will tell the person who gathers them where they are. Bet more gas is used picking them up, than if rider had driven themselves. It’s always fun to see other biking areas. Hope you weren’t too sore the next day.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: October 26, 2018

      I was a little sore yesterday and couldn’t figure out why …then I remembered. Seem ok today. Yes….love those trees.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: October 26, 2018

    Sorry for your tumble, and hopefully no ill effects from it. I would say report the mess to all three sources and let them sort it out. Seems that one of them will step up to the task.
    We don’t have scooters yet in Seattle that i know of, but the dockless bikes are often found lying around.
    Thanks for your post.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: October 26, 2018

      It’s definitely a health issue and one of safety as I like to walk that area and often by myself!

  3. By: gregblood Posted: October 26, 2018

    I saw those scooters in Minneapolis for the first time the other day. All three were being ridden on sidewalks. One of them was carrying two people. I think there’s going to be trouble.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: October 26, 2018

      I was on a little quick ride yesterday and they came roaring up behind me…on the street. Passed me and ran a stop sign😮 I see the first really big accident and law suit as the end!!

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