Coffeeneuring – Ride #3 – Oct 22

It was back to the Parklands for Ride #3, my third straight ride on the Louisville Loop. This one crossed Broad Run Park and continued on into Turkey Run Park for a mile or so. Even though the place I parked was closer to my house than Ride #1, this was the first time I’d ridden any of today’s route. A group of friends rode it when it first opened. I couldn’t make the ride, but several (stronger riders than I am) told me how difficult it was, so I was too chicken to try it.

Today, I added my own challenge…to get to The Silo. What’s that? It’s part of a former seven-generation dairy farm that has become a community gathering and event space in Turkey Run Park, thanks to a contribution by Brown-Forman Corporation (think liquor–Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, and Old Forester). The farm’s former silo was re-capped and 109 steps added to re-purpose it as a 60′ observatory tower. The bright yellow tower can be seen from many miles away.

I love these stone walls. I’ve heard the idea was brought from Ireland by early settlers, as a way to clear the fields of flat rocks.


There it is. Since I can’t go the way a crow flies, I’m still several miles away by bike path. I’ve already climbed a big hill and there are a few more to climb before I get there.

When I left home, I told Jim if I found it too difficult, I would turn around…a circular route in the lowlands would satisfy the “two mile” rule. Even though there’s a road, it seldom runs within sight of the bike path, so I had no idea what I was really taking on. Since it was an out and back, I knew any downhill would become an uphill on my way back and vice versa. Sounded like more climbing than I’ve done in years.

Sometimes we have obstacles to overcome. I had to wait until they’d finished pulling a wire that went from here to the other side of the road. Once they felt it was safe, I went around the truck on the road.

I am not a good climber…I’m slow as molasses and sometimes my legs just won’t do it. I approached this sensibly. I felt being 74 qualified me to walk any time I needed to, without feeling defeated. I decided to be smart and put it in the granny gear before I really needed it and to get off the bike before I was worn out or I was having difficulty catching my breath. It worked! I didn’t have to walk and I managed to get myself to The Silo without being so tired that I dreaded coming back. I’m glad I waited until I’d done a couple other rides this month before I tried it, but it wasn’t as tough as I’d anticipated. Yeah! I did it!

Jim and I climbed to the top of the silo last spring, so I saved my energy today. There are mountain bike trails at this location, too.
I did step inside and take a picture looking up. You go around and around until you reach the steps that cross beneath the circular top.

On the way back I stopped to look at the other views, wildflowers, and to move a critter off the path. My contribution to the economy for today’s ride was fuel…not the kind to feed your body, but what my car needs to take me to more interesting places than riding around my subdivision.


For now, loaded touring isn’t possible due to my husband's health issues. I’m used to cycling by myself, but I can't go off and leave him. Cycle 365 has motivated me to not give up riding just because I don't have time to go as far or do awesome rides like I did in the past.

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  1. By: NancyG Posted: November 9, 2018

    These are delightful photos Laura, and I don’t know how this post got lost in the shuffle and I am just now seeing it. This being your #3, are you doing others? I hope so as it is a fun challenge. So what if you don’t finish on a certain date!

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