County Quest Restart

In July 2016 I started a Quest that involved visiting by bike every settlement, city, town, village and hamlet in my home county of Oxfordshire. These settlements total around 500, reviewing my details in early April of this year I found I visited just over 300 or around 60%. I hadn’t actually visited anywhere new for a considerable while.

On the 18th April the day before my 67th birthday I restarted the county Quest, giving myself 3 years to complete the mission.

During the previous Quest attempt I posted a number of times on a medium known to many on this site.

From now on I will post on those occasions when I come across something of interest.

I will not be recording each and every settlement visited as road signs in the county adhere to a standard format with just the letters in different orders.

4 response to "County Quest Restart"

  1. By: Scooter Posted: May 25, 2019

    Still 200 to go? Get to work!

    I’m glad you’re reactivating these. I really enjoyed these when you were posting them on a medium that will not be named, and look forward to more. As long as you’re here, feel free to join us in the Challenge of the Month. If you hurry, there’s still time for you to find a brick this month!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 27, 2019

    500?? That is a LOT of settlements!
    All the Best on achieving your goal.

  3. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: June 1, 2019

    I second Tony’s comment. I love seeing the photos of your neck of the woods.

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