This is a concept I had never heard of until I watched the video below.  Apparently its been going on for quite a few years.

The idea is to cycle to various stores, buy non-perishable food, and take it to the local food pantry.  While they make it a ‘race’ of sorts it can be about anything you want it to be.  In my case, a solo venture.

While this isnt a challenge so much as a suggestion — it seems like a good thing to do.  I will pedal across town to the IGA, pick up some non-perishable items and pedal back to the food pantry at the township building.

Sometimes IGA has prepared bags of food for such an occasion, or alternatively just select some items on my own.

In the video everyone seems to be having a good time.

Just something to consider and, of course, a reason for another ride.

The Cranksgiving segment begins ~9:20 — also included is the Tweed Ride (U.S. version), and Holiday Lights.

(I take exception to the disdain for Spam 🙂  )

Click on the photo.

Holiday and Winter Riding

Very much enjoy all the entries you all have provided -- great to see the everyday cycling venues. Being in eastern Illinois, scenery certainly isn't our forte, but oh well, the roads are normally quiet. Look forward to more and more entries from all of you, I do have a few over on BL -- in Bill's Day Rides, and one journal.

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  1. By: NancyG Posted: November 11, 2018

    I think there have been a few of these rides in and near Seattle for a couple of years. I have never participated, but love the idea, Will need to see if I will have some time to do this and let you know if I am successful.
    Great idea to do it on our own Rich.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 11, 2018

      Thanks! If a few of us participate it will make a difference.
      Apparently they have done Cranksgiving in Champaign/Urbana IL since 2007 and as far as I know it has received no media coverage.
      The map shows 3 cities in NW Washington that participate.
      It would be neat to see posts of anyone’s Cranksgiving ride.

  2. By: Bikerdockeith Posted: November 11, 2018

    Hi Rich,
    Sounds like a super idea to me. As it happens there is a collection going on for the local food bank here in Gevrey Chambertin, so I might try to incorporate this idea in a ride. We don’t “do” thanksgiving in France, but we still have people who need help. So its a timely reminder to lend a hand.

  3. By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 11, 2018

    I checked online and there is one event in San Jose not far from here. However like all other outdoor events this week in Calif they are being cancelled due to extreme poor air quality due to smoke from all the fires. Right now the early sun here in Monterey is orange. Up near the Bay Area it is so thick you can’t see the sky at all. Another very sad time….

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 11, 2018

      Very sad indeed — we have been following the fires on the Weather Channel .
      TWC mentioned the air quality is the equivalent of smoking 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes a day.
      Being in Illinois, previously, we of course were concerned about the CA fires, but when Bill and Santa Rosa had their experience a year ago, it brought the whole thing into far more focus.

  4. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: November 11, 2018

    What a good idea. We have large motorcycle ride in each major town at Christmas – carrying toys for donation to the Red Cross. I can’t recall any cycle ride doing a Toy Run or a Food Run though. Will make some enquiries.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 12, 2018

      Maybe you can get something started with your cycling friends — the bike messengers had a great idea and it good its been followed thru on for so many years.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: November 12, 2018

    This would be perfect for my Thanksgiving Challenge 🙂 My parents’ town has done Cranksgiving for some years, so I’m familiar with it. Our food bank is a regional one – so it’s a 70 km ride one-way, which I’m not up to at the moment. But I do float $100 bucks their way each year, so all is not lost. They like the cash since they can buy in bulk with it. After a period in life where we went hungry to pay rent but were too proud to ask for help, I’ve always donated $$ to the food bank and excess produce to the church ladies who make up meals. Good on you for this one!

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 12, 2018

      Well, good on You!
      From Eastern Illinois Foodbank:
      “Every dollar donated to the Foodbank provides someone in need with $10 worth of donated food, so financial donations are very important. Furthermore, every $1 donated = 5 meals for families. Last year, we provided over 8,200,000 meals to individuals in our community.”
      So you contribute essentially 1000 dollars and/or 500 meals if things are somewhat similar there.

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