Cycle Day #3 of 75 – A No Theme Ride

Today started off in a dull and damp way, the drizzle was not forecast though not heavy.

Setting off around 9:30 it was out into the villages to the west of town.

After around 12 miles I arrive in Charney Bassett, the church below is somewhat austere and not attractive at all.

This bridge crosses a small stream that flows into the River Ock which as a tributary in turn fllows into the mighty River Thames in Abingdon,

From here it out further westerly before turning north and with a following breeze onto Pusey,


This rustic fence surrounds Pusey House, and runs for hundreds of yards either side of the road.

From Pusey, it was onto Longworth where this rather fetching large thatched cottage was sighted.

The thatch was being replaced when I came this way in early April.

Then on towards Appleton.

Commercially grown sweet corn, much much more than the nine plant we are cultivating on our allotments.

Now to Cumnor, earlier this year an Environment Agency report of water quality tests carried out on many of the villages of Oxfordshire noted that this pond was one of the most polluted in the county.

From here it was time to head home.

Distance – 38 miles

Journey – Solo

Bike – Spa Audax

3 response to "Cycle Day #3 of 75 – A No Theme Ride"

  1. By: Suzanne Posted: August 22, 2018

    What a beautiful thatched cottage!
    Dull, damp and drizzle! We are still having hot and dry days. Continental weather has left you out.

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: August 23, 2018

    Um, yes, that austere church building could use some stained glass windows or the like. Very nice thatch roof – it looks heavy though maybe appearances are deceiving given the material.

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