Cycle Day #4 of 75 – Before the Rain – Or so I hoped

Heavy rain was forecast from around 11:00 onwards, with a couple of errands to do I set off just after 9:30.

Sadly it started to rain as I left.

These cygnets were heading upstream, towards town, I was headed the other way.

This is Peep O’Day Lane an off road route out of town.

Heading into Sutton Courtenay, the rain is slowly getting heavier.

Damage to this bridge over the River Thames at Culham is a regular occurrence.

Downstream of the same bridge, you can see the rain on the river surface, I’m beginning to get a more than a bit wet now, time to head to the shops.

This is the home of Abingdon Vale Cricket Club, just a few short weeks ago this pitch and outfield were brown and parched, the rains of the last couple of weeks have revived the grass dramatically.

Now I’m getting a lot wetter, so is my camera.

The Tifosi safely locked up outside the supermarket.

Despite the rain or maybe because of it I quite enjoyed this morning’s short spin, by taking the ‘scenic’ route to the shops, a two mile trip turned into eight.

Distance – 8 miles

Journey – Solo

Bike – Tifosi VClassico

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 27, 2018

    Good ride despite the rain — nice bicycle!!

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