December challenge: chilly morning with walls

Today is a dry and chilly day sandwiched between two rainy days. I knew I wanted to get out for a bit of a ride before the rain sets in over the next few days.

I left from home to do my usual neighborhood loops and found some walls.

This bare, weathered wall is of the abandoned house down the road from us. It has been empty, abandoned, and overgrown with weeds and bushes for years. Surprising that the city has done nothing about contacting someone about this house which is located in a fairly nice neighborhood.

I pass by this glass wall a lot on my meandering rides through the neighborhood.

This next wall is a very long building. I kept moving about along the sidewalk, back and forth across the road, back the other way, trying to get a perspective that shows the full building. I finally ditched that possibility and as I was readying to get on my bike to leave, I heard a voice. The words were indistinguishable but definitely someone coming up from the other end of the sidewalk. Judging by the employee badge hanging from her neck, she apparently was sent out to see what I was doing ‘casing’ their building!

I told her what I was doing and that I found this wall a bit interesting. She smiled, looked at the wall and agreed that it is ‘different’. I left unscathed and on a smiling basis with the employee/security person of good cheer.

One last wall for today is from the parking lot in the county airport, near the Heritage Air Museum. It too is a long wall and I got only a part of it.

I did continue on to do a few errands while I was out, and returned home a bit chilled and ready for that hot shower and a mug of steamy tea.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 13, 2018

    Yeah, you gotta watch those people on Bike Fridays — never know what they are up to! 😉
    Actually, my son and I were photographing a railroad station and surrounding railroadiana — this was just after 9/11 — and got an interview with the FBI who had an office in the building!
    Nice walls, and a very interesting ride (it turned out to be).

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 13, 2018

      Yes, we Bike Friday riders are to be reckoned with ;’-). I do understand being aware and being secure in your workplace! I am sure I looked a bit suspicious — or at least questionable as I roamed in every direction for a photo!
      Thanks for your comments Rich.

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: December 15, 2018

    Oh, the hot shower and steaming mug of tea at the end sounded perfect – glad you could squeeze in a ride between rainy days and didn’t get hauled in by security! I wonder what all the workers inside on the other side of the wall thought you were doing. I’m sure you were the source of some water cooler talk 🙂 My grandfather, uncle and cousin were/are all pilots. My grandfather even built an airplane – they would love that hangar wall.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 15, 2018

      I do often wonder who might be watching me while I am positioning myself to take a photo of one of my finds. Besides the challenges here with 365, I do a monthly Bicycle Ride & Seek challenge. It’s posted on fb, and each month the fellow posts 12 items to find and take a photo of with at least part of your bike in the photo. I am always lurking in neighborhoods with my camera.
      Quite a family of pilots you have! I hope that has afforded you some flight advantages ;’-).

  3. By: Lah Posted: December 15, 2018

    Hi Nancy…had a few minutes and trying to catch up with what’s going on with everyone. I love your walls. Nasty weather here and even if I weren’t taken care of my honey, I wouldn’t be out on the bike. Love reading about your rides.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 16, 2018

      Thank you so much Laura. Our weather has been much more tolerable than yours apparently. At least I can get out and ride. I hope you and Jim are doing ok and that you will get the weather and the energy to get out sometime soon ;’-). So glad you have enjoyed my walls.

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