I haven’t gone anywhere — just been holed up here in the weather. I wanted to share what I wrote earlier this week about a ride I got to do ;’-). I have a couple more rock things to share, but this for now…


January 21: Ride #13 (for the month): 20 miles. It was iffy as I looked out my front window this morning. But Susan had called from her ride to teach at Meadowdale and said the roads were fine (clear of debris and sand), and she had had only a few minor drops of rain. I took that as a message that I could ride this morning.

Magic Hour. I hopped on the saddle at 8:30, a little later than my normal magic hour to ride, and immediately felt some drops of rain. I thought, since I was now on my bike, I could get at least 3-4 miles in, especially since snow, ice and other weather have kept me off my bike for 8 consecutive days!!!!! ANY amount of riding would feel oh so good.

The light drops became a bit more intense for the first 10 minutes or so, but I kept on. After all, I have ridden in more rain than this. And in some snow.

And THEN — SUN and BLUE SKY was peering down at me. Magic. Those 8 days off my bike seemed to have given my bike muscles some good rest as I felt strong pedaling around my neighborhood. This was my first ride since Eric at Bayside Bikes had repaired, cleaned and lubed my drive train. It felt swift and smooth.

Though I have ridden these neighborhood loops many, many times, I was happy. Riding in sunshine was a bonus. What a change in my mood from yesterday’s slump.

Well into my ride, and on the return route, grey clouds began taking over the blue sky, and were moving over my friend the sun to cover it in a haze. That sun fought valiantly to stay with me for my entire ride, but the sky ahead of me was becoming darker and darker.

Within about three miles from home, I heard and then felt the return of those cold raindrops. I arrived home not very wet, not at all cold (my bad weather wear is awesome), happy, and ready for a mug of tea.

I had had an almost two hour ride on my magic carpet.

Life is good ;’-)


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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: January 23, 2020

    How good that you finally got to ride again. And hardly a drop of rain! Hope you have some more cyclable weather.
    After braving COLD weather yesterday (26 F is cold for me, but not everyone I realize), I couldn’t face the fog and grey and same temperature again today. Just stayed home and sulked.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 23, 2020

      One of the things I do best is sulk about weather bad or cold enough to keep me off my bike ;’-/.

      Back to some rain now, but with luck the forecaster will be correct that there will be a window of no rain between 10:00 and noon. Will try for at least a few miles then.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: January 23, 2020

    Magic Hour. I see you’re a morning person. Me too, but my magic hour is a little bit later than 8:30 a.m. Come 10:30, however, I start getting ants in my pants. Even if the weather reporters say it’s going to get above 32-degrees by noon, I cannot wait that long.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 23, 2020

      I am indeed an early morning person. And like you, cannot always wait for optimum weather forecasts — such as today ;’-). I left in light rain at 9:30 as “they” indicated no rain from about 9-12. Rain right away and got heavier as I rode. On the way home and back at the house by about 11:00 — no rain. But not cold today so I did not mind the rain at all.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 23, 2020

    Beautiful photo of reds and greens — weather here has precluded much cycling for one reason or another 🙁

  4. By: Bill Stone Posted: January 23, 2020

    my bad weather wear is awesome

    Please tell us about your bad weather clothes.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 24, 2020

      OK Bill, I will work on that when we get home from a weekend RVing trip (which will contain a bike ride, even if raining ;’-0). The best way for me to do that is to include photos, so that will be my plan.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: January 24, 2020

    Good on you for sticking with it and getting out there when it would have been very easy to stay home. I’d be interested in your wet weather gear, too. I get cross with myself for wimping out in the winter rain here sometimes – I mean it’s not THAT cold here in winter!

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 26, 2020

      Now I have two votes for that! I will work on it after this weekend and when home.

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