“Fire radiative power”

No riding for a few days past, today, or a few days to come. Rare two-day lightning storm, record high temperatures, hundreds of wildfires, smoke filling the sky, ash falling like snow, and power outages.

The image, captured from the Web, shows nearby fires as of approximately 4:00 PM today, with Sonoma County evacuations zones, but not evac zones in other counties. Blue circle near center is home of Old Grumble-Face. Blue lines show recent bike rides northwest of Winters and on Berryessa-Knoxville Road north of Lake Berryessa. Neither would be a good place to ride right now. 

Touring cyclists on the Pacific Coast should be aware that Highway 1 along the coast is closed between Fort Ross and Jenner, and there is no way to detour around that segment of road. 

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They call me Old Grumble-Face. I have no idea why they do that....

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 19, 2020

    With the fire season just getting started, this is not good news at all.
    Nearly 400 fires burning.
    Stay Safe.

  2. By: Seasidejanet Posted: August 19, 2020

    Down here too!! Think we have 4 fires and the smoke is so bad there is no sky!! The streets look like we had a sand storm and let’s don’t even talk about our cars covered in ash!! But hey we are the lucky ones….our land/homes are not on fires. So wish this hadn’t happened.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: August 19, 2020

      Glad to hear you guys are okay. Looks like the whole state is on fire. Ever since the first dry lightning storm went through here very early Sunday morning (with thunder causing the dog to leap into bed with us, which is a big no-no) and then a second one on Monday morning, it’s been an inferno. The lightning strikes sparked so many fires up here there was no way enough resources could be deployed to fight them all. That meant small unattended fires in the middle of nowhere grew into firestorms racing toward populated areas. Sounds like you guys had the same lightning and are facing the same results. Hang in there and stay safe.

  3. By: Laura Posted: August 20, 2020

    I heard about this on the news. So sorry. Glad you are OK.

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: August 20, 2020

    Well, at least we had our ‘unprecedented’ bushfires that killed 3 billion animals BEFORE the virus instead of DURING it.

    Stay safe, Bill, it looks pretty dire over there.

  5. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 20, 2020

    Jee, these fires are becoming an annual event. Stay safe.

  6. By: NancyG Posted: August 20, 2020

    Bill and Janet — do continue to stay safe.

    We have family in Elk Grove and so far it is ash and bad air so they must stay indoors. But at this moment they do not see fire. So worrisome down your way!

  7. By: Scooter Posted: August 20, 2020

    I’m so sorry, Bill; for you and everyone else affected. It looks like they’re starting to pop up in Oregon now too. Good luck.

  8. By: gregblood Posted: August 21, 2020

    If it were at all possible, I would bring every member of The Church of the Great Outdoors to California and we’d perform our most important peeing ritual all at once to put out those fires.

    Seriously though, I wish your entire state the best of luck in ending this disaster quickly. RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 22, 2020

      I’ll be there ‘Your Esteemed Holiness’ ,the bladder is full.

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