Flora and Fauna

Having successfully added my first post for the CLC, I took time on this ride to see some flora and fauna.

In spite of the frozen weather, we have some nice color showing its shoulders.

And I found this an interesting shape.

A bit down the road from this last one I found some fauna. They are not always out when I ride by here, I was happy to see them.

My last fauna for this day is out of focus (flits around quickly) and has no bike, but I couldn’t resist posting it.

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  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: March 11, 2019

    Nice flora and fauna. It looks like spring might be just around the corner in your neck of the woods.

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 11, 2019

      Thanks Bil. Yep —- around the corner still…

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 11, 2019

      It may look like Spring and it is coming, but has not quite sprung yet. Maybe later this week ;’-).

  2. By: Scooter Posted: March 11, 2019

    If it’s at least like Portland up there, it’s going to come in like a ton of bricks. Yesterday morning there was frost on the ground still, but today it topped out at fifty seven. One of these mornings soon I’ll wake up and find all the cherry trees in bloom.

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 11, 2019

      Yes Scott, we seem to be in the same pattern as you in Portland. Expecting 60 something for the late week and weekend. Past few days had heavy morning frost.

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: March 12, 2019

    Good to see some early colour… and the first robin! Woo-hoo! I love the colour in your seat (cover), too.

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 12, 2019

      Thanks Em. And today —— rain with some (slight) chance of snow!!!! But starting in another day or two looks like sun and temps in 50s, reaching to 60 something! Bring it on.

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 13, 2019

    Nice ride and flora/fauna photos — waaaaay ahead of Spring here: cold, windy, rainy — although I did see some robins out in the rural areas, they havent made it to town yet.

    • By: NancyG Posted: March 14, 2019

      We seem to have leaped from the deep freeze right into (pre) Spring weather! Will be in the 60s this weekend!! Ahhhhhh spring and bike riding unbundled!

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