5 response to "FYI- TransAm race started June 2nd 6AM"

  1. By: Scooter Posted: June 3, 2018

    Thanks for posting this, Janet. We saw these guys power past us on the Oregon coast two years ago (when Leah Wilcox set the women’s record). It’s amazing how many more entrants there are this year.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: June 3, 2018

      When we were on our “Off To See The Wizard” (hoping it’s up on Cycle Blaze soon waiting on Jeff to find time to import) we found one guy asleep on a picnic table in the early AM said he had been 300 mi we were like “sure” turns out true!! I have loved Dot watching each year since. Amazing to me!! The top three men are in there 50’s!! We’ll see in a couple of weeks who is still there.

  2. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: June 3, 2018

    The last unsupported Indian Pacific Wheel race to cross Australia was cancelled when the leader, Mike Hall, was hit by a car in Canberra. There has been a lot of questions about “will the race continue” and that question remains unanswered. The 2018 race was cancelled and having one in 2019 rests on the Coronial Enquiry into Mike Hall’s death to be held later this year.

    The 2017 race had a lot of people talking and getting excited about what the cyclists could do. They had recently passed through part of Victoria I travelled though and it was certainly a topic of conversation.

    The feats of endurance from each and every cyclist taking part is amazing and I wish all those on the TransAm well – now to go and take a look. Thanks for the heads up Janet

  3. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: June 4, 2018

    Well, here is something to do while waiting for the fog to lift – follow the dots! I can see it’s addictive and as of tomorrow there are two races to follow!

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