Great Portable Restroom Challenge

Towable porta-potty parked in vineyard off Stanly Crossroad in Napa County, June 2016. Note attached hand washing station. I briefly considered hitching up this beauty to the Long Haul Trucker and towing it home to Santa Rosa. Ace support crew would have been so proud of me!

They call me Old Grumble-Face. I have no idea why they do that....

3 response to "Great Portable Restroom Challenge"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: April 21, 2019

    I would have been proud of you too if you had towed that to your house.

    Is that reading material posted on the frame? If so, shouldn’t it be posted on the inside?

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 21, 2019

    CEO thinks it would be a great idea for here, keep me out of the house more often — is she in there dialing Hiltz???

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: April 21, 2019

    Hmmm… second photo of a porta pottie in the vineyards. Now how was it that there were no porta potties n the fields when I detasseled corn in my youth? If you had to pee, you just walked down the row away from where everyone else was working. If you had to poo, I don’t know what you do – luckily I never had to figure that one out!

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