Half Yearly Progress Check

Featured image: A gloriously chilly winter morning sunrise from the summit of Mount Nelson.

With half the year gone already (whaaaaat?!?!) I thought I’d check in on how I’m getting on so far. I don’t really set mileage goals as it’s so variable, but in a previous post somebody asked if I would hit 10,000km for the year. I wasn’t planning on it, but I might just get there yet! I’ve actually never logged 10,000km in a year before so it’ll be an interesting challenge.

I’ve had a pretty good year on the bike so far. I started off 2018 carrying a few injuries from December when I was hooked by an inattentive driver. I went straight over the bars and hit the deck hard. Battered but luckily unbroken. That saw me struggle a bit in January. Since then I have put in a whole bunch of really enjoyable rides – helped along by the CLC2018 Challenge, a holiday in the North of the state and meeting up with a fantastic local group for some weekend rides. Am I on target? Well, let’s see.

Let’s indulge in some maths …

10,000km divided by 365 days = 27.4km/day

Round up to 28 km/day; that’s 196km/week (my general rough goal is 200km)

Today is day 185 of the year; 185 x 28 = 5180km

Kilometres ridden so far = 5170km

That puts me 10km behind schedule if I am to hit ten thousand! I’m hoping to have a couple of higher mileage weeks to start off July, followed by a bit of rest. Before doing the maths above I actually thought I had built up a bit of a lead buffer, but it looks otherwise! Thankfully I’ve got the speed wagon all dialled in to help me cover those kilometres a wee bit faster:

Oh, baby baby….

It is of course the middle of winter here so mileage is bound to suffer slightly because of that! It does get cold down here in Tasmania, but we don’t get snowed in or suffer from sub-zero daytime temps – mostly the days are crisp and sunny after a frosty start. The main limiting factor to longer rides is daylight hours.

Hobart mid-winter is a beautiful sight!

Hopefully you are all having a good time on two wheels also, especially those of you in the midst of your summer! Onward now into the second half of the year. Keep those pedals turning and wheels rubber side down!



Full disclosure: I count virtual kilometres in my total, that’s distance “ridden” on Zwift. What is Zwift? Click here. I never used to, but I upload all my rides/training to Strava and Strava includes it in my totals. I’ve just accepted it for what it is (plus I train on a smart turbo with accurate power measurements).

The sound of a perfectly lubed chain whirring through a fresh drivetrain, slick summer tyres humming across the blacktop as you spin, otherwise silently over country roads early in the morning.

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  1. By: Seasidejanet Posted: July 3, 2018

    Beautiful photos!!! Yep summer here which means 55 foggy and cold!! But we got in a great 27mi yesterday….we could make your goal if we keep it up!

  2. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: July 5, 2018

    That’s one really good picture of the Docks. I see the Dark Mofo cross blending in and giving a balance. My pictures of the Docks are without atmosphere – good one.

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