How to dispose of an elderly bicycle – Melbourne style

Cycling the Capital City Trail in and around Melbourne I came across this old, rusty bicycle thrown in the river.  The waterway may be part of the Yarra but I am not sure of the geography.

The trail was passing through an interesting area running under the Westgate Bridge, two train tracks, other roads and against a waterway that has seen better days.  Very interesting.  Very unlike Longford.


Scott.  When you have a moment could you add a couple more Categories please.  Under Australia – Victoria and New South Wales.  Oh – and South Australia as I intend to ride there within a few months.

A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 5, 2018

    Agrees with Suzanne.
    Like JR’s salvage, you never know what you might see thrown in the North Fork either.
    Very nice Brompton!

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: July 5, 2018

      Melbourne has a lot of it’s hire bikes ending up in the Yarra but this was just an old wreck. Not worth pulling out.

      • By: Bill Stone Posted: July 5, 2018

        Also in San Francisco and Oakland, many “dockless” rental bikes get thrown into the water. When not “on the clock” with a rider, they end up being easy to vandalize.

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