July Challenge — 5

Rusty Face

Along 6th Avenue south of town

Iron concretions among the limestone chips have begun to weather and form streaks

Disc brake pad face (sort of)

If you consider the iron concretion as one eye and a black tar spot as the other??

Now that is more like it — returned later in the day and apparently traffic has scooted the brake pad into a more favorable face position

A Partial Face?

Smiley part anyway

Two little white pebbles for eyes???  That is a stretch!

Now it has eyes  🙂*****

*****  From the Desk of Helen Waite:

The rules clearly state that drawing of faces is prohibited and by inference that also means NO manipulation to create a face is allowed.



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  1. By: gregblood Posted: July 7, 2021

    You get an “A” for your non-manipulated face pictures, and an “A” for disqualifying your own manipulated pictures. Well done.

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