Keep the Flag Flying

I guess it’s time to rally around the flag. I’ve been off the grid for a while, kind of incommunicado. Sometimes life throws stuff at you. Worries about ones you love, insomnia, no energy. And things pass, life goes on. Janos and I are ok, healthy and pedaling.

We’ve had some wonderful fall days, and I found a few flags. We don’t fly a lot of flags here like in the US. In view of National Socialism and the Third Reich, Germans are cautious about showing too much patriotism for fear it might be misinterpreted. But we have Bavarian flags! Nothing wrong with saying Bavaria is the best!

On top is the Bavarian flag with its blue and white diamond pattern, Beneath is the flag of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt.

“Kids” has found its way into the German language.

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

2 response to "Keep the Flag Flying"

  1. By: NancyG Posted: October 6, 2019

    Love the ‘kids’ flag holder. I like yours a little better than ours as yours seems to have more character. Interesting that
    the ‘kids’ word has found you, so far away.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 6, 2019

    I like both flags — the Bavarian flag especially.

    Just how the word ‘kids’ originated is a very confusing thing to understand. Various interpretations, one of which mentions Germany!

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