KRT 2019

Trestle over the Middle Fork River near Danville

This will become part of the KRT once renovations are made

Rich, Dave, and Dwight ride the Kickapoo Rail Trail  — (link includes a video)

After the River to Rail ride, we decided to try to get in a few more out of area rides before the weather changes.  Dave and I had ridden the KRT once previously and enjoyed the roughly 15 mile out and back.  Once again, we started in St Joseph, Illinois, rode to Urbana and returned.  This time Dwight joined in and despite clouds, and a headwind going out, a great time was had by all.

Click Here for the photos and discussion.


Very much enjoy all the entries you all have provided -- great to see the everyday cycling venues. Being in eastern Illinois, scenery certainly isn't our forte, but oh well, the roads are normally quiet. Look forward to more and more entries from all of you, I do have a few over on BL -- in Bill's Day Rides, and one journal.

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  1. By: NancyG Posted: October 12, 2019

    I don’t know if my comment got posted on your blog, but I said how great it is to have such good friends to enjoy biking with. You all seem to have had a great day. This a trail that I am not familiar with, so again, learning ;’-)

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 12, 2019

      Thanks, it was a good time with good friends, such as yourself enjoys as well.
      On the way back to St Joe we were passed by someone on a carbon fiber bicycle going so fast he may as well have been on US 150 — well, almost. 🙂

      Im still trying to figure out how the Blog thing works.
      Do you happen to know how much space they give you for free?

      • By: NancyG Posted: October 13, 2019

        I don’t pay anything for the blogspot blog. I have never had to pay anything so I assume I will not be charged at any time. WordPress gives some for free but I don’t know how much, and I had become used to the blogger format and had troubles on wordpress though I know that is a good platform for most people.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: October 12, 2019

    Nice website, Rich! I didn’t find the video, though. The best rides aren’t necessarily the most scenic ones. Interesting things along the way nevertheless.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 12, 2019

      Thanks, — a lot of By Guess and By Gosh experimentation for now.

      The video is on the Kickapoo Rail Trail site, have to scroll down a bit — its short, but pretty well done.

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: October 14, 2019

    Great ride, Rich and nice to see you now have a blog. I remember Conrail from my childhood – back when there were still cabooses. My parents’ town has a similar issue with a disused rail-line where the owners want huge $$ for it – the community trespasses on the rail land all the time to get to all the mountain bike trails. If the RR owners would ever come ’round, the line would make a great trail between Salida and Buena Vista, CO and on toward Leadville.

  4. By: Bill Stone Posted: October 19, 2019

    Hi Rich. Nice ride. Nice job on the blog. I definitely get it about the drive to the trailhead. Always a vexing question. How much ride is required to make the drive worthwhile? Can’t always start pedaling from my driveway.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 20, 2019

      Thanks, we will have to see where the blog goes.
      Hidden deep in the bowels of the IDOT website is the Illinois Bicycling map, county by county — riding some of the township roads south of the KRT would make the trip more worthwhile.

      It will be great once, if and when, the Danville end of the KRT trail is completed — lots closer than St Joe or Urbana. Vermilion county is sort of the forgotten step child of the state of Illinois — maybe JB will cut loose some funds for it. 😉

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