Let Me Introduce You ………

So…today is the 10th wedding anniversary of our 29th year together. Of course this seemed like the perfect card.

We are!! Although we’ve never tried a tandem.

You’ve heard off and on about my arm issues and how riding ‘Uptown’ has seemed to help with that and Monday I just decided to go to our local bike shop “Work Horse Bikes” because they sell Surly’s and most of the guys working there ride them.

I asked about fitting the Trucker with “Jones Bar Handle Bars” but Colton…my new Guy (as in – I’ve Got A Guy) wasn’t keen on the idea. We talked about overall fit and before you know it I was looking a new options. Now I can’t put this all on Colton. I have been toying with the idea of a new bike for some time but just couldn’t seem to really get myself to a bike store. Felt a little like I was being disloyal to Bessie. I was hoping they had something that I could try and ride but no not in what I was thinking. We talked a little longer….Jack was texted and showed up on his bike – seems he already knew ‘my guy’.

So… this is “My Guy Colton” Jack forgot he took this. Oh yea…..while we were talking he mentioned that during Sea Otter Classic he went on a ride to Big Sur for an overnight camping trip with non other than Lael Wilcox………ok now he really is my guy with a connection!! I was star struck.

Well, anyway – Let Me Introduce you to………………..she doesn’t have a name yet. I’m sure it will come to me soon.

She’s a beautiful Surly Troll.

Truth be known I have lusted after a Troll for several years and now the time was right. I thought of an Ogre Bill……but they don’t come in an XS and the Surly web site said if you want an XS Ogre buy a Troll! Besides I can never say “Ogre” correctly – just ask Jack. Troll, I can do. My Guy, ordered her on Monday got her yesterday and built her up and we fitted her and took her home today. She has already been to the “Field Office”. I have to say she is fun to ride and we bonded on first ride.

She also visited the marina lunch spot.


Jack’s thinking “all I got was this new lunch table cloth”. We really needed a new one and he did get to take the Troll on a couple of spins.


I even found “Road Swag” today. This very nice bike chain and we needed another….and I got some bricks in again. Win/Win.

We are finally going to Zion and Bryce next week. We leave Monday and hope to be able to ride our bikes at least a little bit. So…stay tuned for some ride updates.

You know how when your older you get these bruises easily. Well look at the one I got today………..a Heart. Try not to look at the old hand it seems to be attached to.

Janet here of Jack and Janet in Seaside, CA. We just love to ride our bikes and share and read stories from other such afflicted souls.

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  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: May 8, 2019

    Bravo! Happy anniversary and happy Troll day! My Ogre sends best regards to its Troll cousin. Please post photo of how the handlebars, brake levers, and shifters look from the pilot’s perspective.

    PS: Have a great time in Bryce and Zion. At a minimum, be sure to pedal up the auto-free road along the river in Zion:


    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: May 8, 2019

      I’ll post some photos of the bars soon….they are the Surly Moloko Bar “Jones’ish”.

  2. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: May 8, 2019

    What a beauty! Many happy miles on her. And enjoy your Utah trip. Looking forward to hearing stories about it.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: May 8, 2019

      I know …how fun to get a new bike!!! We are looking forward to the week away…even if it involves driving.

  3. By: Lah Posted: May 9, 2019

    Happy Anniversary! We were married on May 8th, also. Many moons before you guys though. Hey, you scored a bike and I only scored a bike computer.

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: May 9, 2019

    Wow and yippee! A beautiful bike! Have a great trip! Happy Anniversary too! So many good things!

  5. By: gregblood Posted: May 9, 2019

    Nice Bike! Cool color. I’d name it “Rockin’ Girl” after it’s rider.

    Oh yes, and Happy Anniversary to you and Jack.

  6. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 9, 2019

    Happy Anniversary and what a great bicycle!
    Best wishes for another great and happy relationship.

    Do NOT, repeat, do NOT try to ride it up Angels Landing in Zion. 😉

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: May 9, 2019

      Do NOT, repeat, do NOT try to ride it up Angels Landing in Zion.

      (1) That Troll can probably go anywhere she wants to take it, including straight up!

      (2) But don’t ever say anything like that to Greg, because he’ll take it as a dare and actually rush to Zion and make the attempt.

      PS: Even my ace support crew, highly adventurous hiker and backpacker that she is, declines to ascend Angels Landing.

    • By: Seasidejanet Posted: May 9, 2019

      I’m still feeling guilty about Bessie…..haven’t heard the shed come down yet😳😳 they seem to be working it out.

  7. By: NancyG Posted: May 9, 2019

    OH BOY — A NEW BIKE!! Can there be much better than this!!! Congrats on the bike and on your anniversary. Like others, I look forward to more photos of the bike and of your trip. Have fun.

  8. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: May 10, 2019

    Happiness is a new bike..well done.

    and congrats on you and Jack being an item for so long.

  9. By: The Navigator Posted: May 11, 2019

    Congratulations on your bike and anniversary! The new bike looks great – yippee for all that new bike fun! I’m sure Bessie will have her place, too.

  10. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: May 12, 2019

    Hi Janet. Congrats on 29 years. And on the Troll.

    I am fascinated by the front forks and all the attachment lugs on them. Are there enough? Will you use them all? But then maybe they are not lugs at all – maybe Troll Studs to scare people off.

    I have been doing some maintenance on Magnum and I have bruises on the backs of both hands too. Ugly things though not a nicely shaped heart.

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