Liquid – a little challenge

As I live less than half a mile from the banks of the River Thames, doing a ride to include a liquid is not going to be too difficult.

Wishing to make the ride longer, I head out on a loop through the villages and hamlets around my home town of Abingdon -on- Thames.

Cool overcast conditions this morning after some overnight rain, the heat wave that the UK and mainland Europe has been experiencing has finally broken here.

Sunningwell village pond, this is on one of my regular rides, I lived on the outskirts of the village more than 40 years ago.

Back to Abingdon and the mighty Thames, then home for lunch.


5 response to "Liquid – a little challenge"

    • By: DJG Posted: August 14, 2018

      Thanks, its good to hear from you, hope you are well.

  1. By: The Navigator Posted: August 14, 2018

    Hello! Nice to see you here. Good to hear the heatwave broke. My stuffed turtle and frog very much like the liquid pics – they are a little jealous of such a lovely river.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: August 16, 2018

    Looks like some lovely riding around our part of the world — and your neighborhood. Nice photos.

    • By: DJG Posted: August 16, 2018

      Thanks, more to come hope they how good it is in these parts.

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