Loop de Loop – A wander around the Whitfield area

We needed to go ride. You cannot stay at home when it is sunny and 17C with light winds in June. But we also needed something that would not push my body too hard. So we did a route that was a figure-eight with a spur and an elongated middle. See more pics and the narrative at the link below. We’re hoping for a more challenging ride this coming weekend if my cellular metabolism agrees.

Plan B – June Ride 1 – Loop de loop

2 response to "Loop de Loop – A wander around the Whitfield area"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 7, 2018

    Thanks for writing up another beautiful ride.
    Looking further at the map, the area you rode is SE of Shepparton — where some transmitters of Radio Australia are or were located,
    Spent many enjoyable hours listening to RA some years ago, and learned a great deal in the process.

    Just looked for Radio Australia and found they terminated shortwave broadcasting 31 Jan 2017 🙁
    but still have online listening 🙂

    • By: The Navigator Posted: June 7, 2018

      Thanks, Rich. Yes, the federal government cut a lot of funding to public broadcasting over the last 4-6 years which may have sped up that termination. Shepparton is about 1.5 hours drive from where I live – both towns are in the ‘flat, boring, bogan’ bits, which is why I head east on all my rides! I have ridden through Shepparton before, but the town itself is not all that exciting.

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