March Music Challenge and Cycle Life Challenge Purchase 1

The guys and I got in a good ride on Friday and Saturday. Our journal entry includes a music entry, and you’ll see some delectable baked goods that we purchased for the ride. The purchase actually occurred on the day before the challenge, but the consumption happened on Day 1 of the Cycle Life Challenge, so I’m counting it unless the Goddess says otherwise. I think the fact that I have enough energy to do a ride that spans two days should be qualifier enough! Unfortunately, I had other things to do and could not get in anymore than 10kms on International Women’s Day OR on our Labour Day long weekend Monday… so I struck out on two possible holiday rides in one weekend! You can read all about our ride here:

Nerdy chick in Australia who loves to ride and is accompanied by the crew: 'The Commander' Verne and the 'Mental Health Specialist' Kermit.

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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: March 9, 2020

    A great two days! Your achievements amaze me, and that with your health still way below par.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: March 14, 2020

      Thanks, Suzanne. I’m certainly better than I was, but still have some ways to go. I love getting out on the bike regardless though.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 9, 2020

    Wonderful ride thru some truly fabulous territory.
    Enjoyed the reading and the photos, glad you were able to get those rides in, and, did pretty well doing it!

    • By: The Navigator Posted: March 14, 2020

      It’s nice to have low traffic roads in beautiful areas. Hoped you enjoyed the geology 🙂

  3. By: Hopkins Escapades Posted: March 9, 2020

    Terrific write up. Your riding areas are vast and amazing. I know you mention some busy roadways occasionally, but you sure are blessed with many great cycling roads (paved & dirt) with low traffic based on your photos. Super happy for you to get out for an overnight trip too. You’re getting there! That’s way more riding than you could do just a few months ago. And that wagon wheel pastry, mmmm mmmm mmmm – it looked absolutely delicious! Cheers & happy pedaling.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: March 14, 2020

      Thanks, TJ. Yes, I’m making some progress. I managed to get to about 80 percent capacity for a few weeks in January but have slipped back to about 60 percent now. Still it’s better than the 40 percent for the past 2.5 years. If I could eradicate the bacteria, I think I’d improve much more quickly. At least I know what is keeping me from recovering though now! Thanks for your support 🙂

  4. By: Scooter Posted: March 14, 2020

    An exceptionally rich post, Em. Some words to live by: You can rarely go wrong riding a squiggly road. Some names to stir the soul to travel: Old Gobur Road, Terip Terip Road. Mostly though, I’m just so envious of someone who can use craton in a sentence and make it sound like they know what they’re talking about.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: March 19, 2020

      Thanks – there are lots of good roads with good names to ride here. Terip Terip Road happens to be a very squiggly line road. The Old Gobur Road is pretty straight – which means it goes right up and over the hills quite steeply. I hope to get out again this weekend.

  5. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: March 21, 2020

    A fabulous ride and so glad you were out there. Right now everyone’s physical space is shrinking due to the virus but good that some of us can still play safely.
    Yr Goddess

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