May Challenge +

Western Brick Company Danville, Illinois

Estimated to have produced over 3 billion bricks in its lifetime

One of the bricks produced at Western Brick

What the 4 little nubs are for is a question. . . . .

The + Part

Flowers along 1550E

Lots of rain lately, no flooding here — yet

Mixing of soil rich field drainage and North Fork water — when it settles out in Louisiana, they will dredge it up and sell it back to us as topsoil

4000N looking west across Party Bridge

1550E view north toward town

Remember “Copper” from JR’s recyclables?

All grown up and lots bigger than the photo indicates — completely covered with mud on his underside and wants to jump and play


Very much enjoy all the entries you all have provided -- great to see the everyday cycling venues. Being in eastern Illinois, scenery certainly isn't our forte, but oh well, the roads are normally quiet. Look forward to more and more entries from all of you, I do have a few over on BL -- in Bill's Day Rides, and one journal.

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: May 1, 2019

    Very nice post, Rich. Interesting historical background, and a nice innovation that should be in every bike tourist’s toolkit. We’ll put the brickstand in Rachael’s pannier though.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 1, 2019

      Hmmmm Should I apply for a patent?

      Well, the ball peen hammer will help balance the brick a little bit. 🙂

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