Mr. Grumby’s Challenge Post

My entry is marginal- my photos are taken about a year apart, on McKenzie Pass in Central Oregon.

June of 2016 with buddy Jim O’Brien, We rode before the road was open to auto traffic.
And here I am in August of 2018, during Undaunted Porridge.

I have done one long bike tour along the Lewis & Clark and TransAmerica trails during the summer of 2018, and numerous shorter tours around Oregon. I'm recently settled in Silverton, Oregon with Mrs. Grumby.

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  1. By: gregblood Posted: May 29, 2020

    Nice pics. Except for the removal of about 30 stickers from the McKenzie Pass sign, it looks like not much had changed up there.

    • By: MrGrumby Posted: May 31, 2020

      The stickers are always puzzling. We saw them in many places across the country.

      • By: gregblood Posted: May 31, 2020

        I’ve seen a lot of stickers on road signs too. At least the stickers are not as unsettling as the bullet holes.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: May 30, 2020

    Feeling homesick for being on the road? Hard to believe that Undaunted Porridge was two years ago.

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