Mug Shots

Where did the second half of March go? Family obligations. Ill-timed rainstorms. Home improvement projects. A lengthy, life-threatening (or so it seemed) onslaught of coughing, sore throat, congestion, and snot.

But now it’s April. A new month and a new challenge.

Thus, here we have mug shots of Old Grumble-Face and the Ogre, an album of compelling reasons to refrain from viewing uncensored photographs on the Internet.

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They call me Old Grumble-Face. I have no idea why they do that....

10 response to "Mug Shots"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: April 1, 2019

    Extremely cool pictures, and you beat me to the first April challenge by mere seconds. As a highly experienced no-handed rider, I extend my cudos.

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: April 2, 2019

    Great pics, Bill and awesome to see that you can raise both arms outwards and upwards. Hoping the strength follows the range of movement.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 2, 2019

      Hi Mr G,

      First I set up my little mini-tripod for my iPhone in a suitable spot on the trail. That assured me of a stable, unmoving background. Then I launched a photo timer app on the iPhone, setting it to keep shooting while I pedaled around like an idiot. At least I wasn’t singing and yodeling! 😉

      Later, I downloaded photos from phone to computer. I selected the photos I wanted for the animation, and used image editing software on the Mac to stitch them together, configured for high speed playback. Most image editing software has the ability to do that kind of job, and there are also some apps designed specifically for the task of creating animated GIFs, whether on phone or on computer. There are also some websites that claim to do it for you (for free, I think) but I’ve never tried them.

      Might be an easier way to go about it, but that’s what I did.

  3. By: NancyG Posted: April 2, 2019

    I won’t even pretend to understand how you did that animation thing! But all photos are quite interesting.

  4. By: Seasidejanet Posted: April 2, 2019

    I was wondering where you’ve been lately…….now I know ! You we’re stuck going in circles!! Fun stuff.

  5. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 2, 2019

    Great photos and video!
    Never could ride no-hands, and still cant.
    Working on the Challenge!

  6. By: Scooter Posted: April 3, 2019

    Yow, my eyes hurt! This post should come with a warning to wear sunglasses. Congrats on being able to ride with no hands, btw – I haven’t been able to do that for about 20 years.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 3, 2019

      Old Grumble-Face likes to be highly visible while performing death-defying bicycle acrobatics, just in case any motorized vehicles unexpectedly appear on the dirt path.

  7. By: Suzanne Posted: April 5, 2019

    Brilliant – literally and figuratively!
    I never could ride with no hands – but once I dreamed I was riding with no hands and then I tried it the next day. And I could – but only for a short distance, and never again.

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