My take on the music challenge

Way back in the day before pirate radio in the UK, us kids had these new-fangled things called transistor radios. If you took the back off the radio, de-waxed a couple of bits and turned a couple of uncovered screws you could pick up .. Radio Luxembourg.

It faded in and out but some nights the signal was strong. Radio Luxembourg played the music we wanted to hear. No more Cliff Richard or other squeaky clean icons – we could hear proper rock.

The picture above is from last year – as I was waiting for the ferry across Bass Strait.

This is the music to go with it is Huey “Piano” Smith and “Sea Cruise”

A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: March 24, 2020

    I recognize that ship! We rode it back to Melbourne on Christmas Eve, 2006. This was another year with serious fires, though nothing like this years. It came with a Christmas miracle that year – snow in the mountains.

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: March 24, 2020

      Hi Scott. Yes, they are quite old now. They were to be replaced with new ships ordered from Europe but the contract had problems and a new builder has been asked to ship build.

  2. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 25, 2020

    I’ve still got a ‘trannie’ to listen to (are you allowed to call them that these days?) . Lot’s of cruise ships sitting off our coast right now, alas, full of virus. Things are going a little crazy.

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: March 26, 2020

      I wonder just how many people are still out there on the ocean blue, living in passenger ships generating more of the virus and wishing to be allowed into port.

      Not seen any figures on this – we just hear that a ship tried to dock somewhere and was sent packing. Or worse, the passengers are allowed to disembark as long as they promise to go home and self-isolate. Certainly a difficult problem unless countries can agree which ships to take (to share the load) and everyone on the ship is taken immediately into quarantine.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: March 25, 2020

    I carried a 1970’s transistor radio on all of my tours until last year when it finally died. I missed it a lot.
    I first heard “Sea Cruise” on John Fogerty’s first solo album after Creedence Clearwater Revival. I thought he wrote a pretty good song there. Later I learned it he hadn’t written it and it was a classic that had been covered many times by many artists.

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