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  1. By: Scooter Posted: March 27, 2020

    Wow. How beautiful! Is it unusual to have the visibility so clear like this?

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: March 27, 2020

      We do have bad days but the air quality is usually very good. I think all the rain we get – 100 inches per year – helps keep the air clear.

      However, haze from the annual land-clearing fires in Indonesia has been a problem over the last few years. Last year was particularly bad, with schools closing for a week or so because of the poor air quality.

  2. By: Hopkins Escapades Posted: March 27, 2020

    My goodness, that’s a lot of city! Of course, this is coming from a country girl at heart. I see high rises and run for the mountains. The high rises do have their own form of beauty though. Intriguing and vibrant place to live, I bet.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: March 27, 2020

      Hi TJ. I was born in KL so am a city boy at heart πŸ˜„.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 27, 2020

    Fantastic city-scape!

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: March 28, 2020

      Thank you Rich. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: March 28, 2020

    Yeah, that’s not a terrible view or a terrible spot to have to ride out the epidemic πŸ™‚

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