The sun did not allow for a good photo of this no matter where I stood. From what I understand from others, it is (again) an art project done by students at a nearby school.

The piece is located on a very popular bike trail and we stopped here for a restroom visit just before taking off for our ride. And this is what it looked like on the lake as we started riding.

It was not only foggy, it was cold at 34 degrees! After a delightful ride and a stop for lunch, my friends and I finished in different weather.

It had warmed up to almost 50 degrees by the early afternoon, with blue sky and sun.


  1. By: Lah Posted: November 9, 2018

    I love the fog picture. When we have fog, it is usually all around me rather than in a place I can take a picture to show the scene disappearing in it. Really good one.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: November 9, 2018

    Thanks Laura. I find beauty in fog as well, and am not always in a good spot to take a photo of it. I also like that it goes away soon ;’-) and reveals what it has been hiding.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 9, 2018

    There are some very talented young artists in your area!
    If we waited for perfect weather to go riding we may as well get into hot air balloons, cause it isnt going to happen very often.
    It is disappointing when the weather clears at the end of the ride, but, oh well, got to ride anyway.

    • By: NancyG Posted: November 10, 2018

      We who cycle here in the PNW know about cycling in poor weather! And as you say, if we let some rain get in our way we would not be cycling much. I don’t cycle in heavy or steady rain, but light rain or drizzle is kind of nice to ride in if you can stay warm enough.
      The students may be talented enough, but I give kudos to the art teachers who bring out that talent and give a medium for it.
      Thanks for your reply Rich.

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