On the Road Again

The Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented on 18th March. Non-essential outdoor activities were banned. I snuck out for a ride on 26th March, but then people started being arrested for breaking the MCO. I took to walking up and down the multi-level car park where I live for exercise.

To date, Malaysia has had 6,353 Covid-19 infections (20 per 100,000 people), and 105 patients have died (<1 per 100,000 people). The daily rate of new infections has plateaued. More importantly, the current utilization rate of hospital beds reserved for Covid-19 patients does not exceed 30%.

The Government has decided to relax the MCO in most parts of the country from today. Areas where the number of infections is still high remain under a more restrictive Enhanced MCO.

Much of the country is now under a Conditional MCO. Most economic sectors and business activities can reopen, but with conditions and standard procedures to ensure people don’t get infected. Pertinent to me is that outdoor sports activities which do not involve body contact and in small groups of not more than 10 persons are now allowed.

As expected, traffic was busier today than it has been for weeks. Nevertheless, traffic was considerably lighter than usual. This six-lane intersection is usually jammed solid at 5:00 pm on a Monday.

Those are the Twin Towers to the left of centre between the buildings in the foreground.
I used to work in the building immediately behind the blue car and tree.

Traffic continued to be very light where ever I rode. This is another street which is usually bumper-to-bumper during the evening rush hour.

The only downer, although it did nothing to wipe the grin off my face, was the rain that forced me to seek shelter for ten minutes.

These drops very quickly became a downpour as those dark clouds in the background rolled toward me.

More riding tomorrow, rain or shine.

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  1. By: gregblood Posted: May 4, 2020

    It’s interesting to see the different names for lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing. Movement Control Order is a new one for me. I’m glad you could finally get out and show us more of your city . . . rain or shine.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      Thanks, Greg. It is nice to be able to get out again.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 4, 2020

    Your Government seems to have a more reasonable approach to MCO at this point.
    No arrests here that I know of, but most people are observing the precautions.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      These first few days of fewer restrictions will be a test for everyone here to not become knuckleheads.
      Social distancing and masks are here to stay for some time methinks.

  3. By: Scooter Posted: May 4, 2020

    Thanks for the report. I’m sure it’s been excruciating to have been confined for so long, but I’m envious of you having a government that’s taking this seriously. Great to see that you can get out again.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      Hi there.
      It certainly is easier for governments in this part of the world, where citizens are more compliant, shall we say, to enforce restrictions. Different social and cultural influences at play than in the West.
      The government here did jump into action fairly early. Hopefully, we won’t see an increase in infections now that some restrictions have been lifted.

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: May 5, 2020

    Good to see you are on the road again, and reassuring to see how Malaysie is dealing with the virus.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      Thanks Suzanne. I trust you are staying well too.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: May 5, 2020

    Good you could get out and get out of the parking garage! We seem to hear about how Singapore and Indonesia are doing, but not Malaysia so much. So I’m glad things are under control for now over there and you should feel pretty safe being out and about.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      Hi Em. ‘Yes’ things are in a better place here right now. Let’s hope it stays that way.
      Whether people feel safe to go outside is an interesting study of the varying degrees of tolerance to risk that people have.
      The ‘zero tolerance for risk’ group is screaming that now is waaaaay too early to start reopening the economy.
      The fearless group have been complaining that the MCO has been in force for much too long.
      I’m somewhere in the middle and am happy to be able to head outside. With the required safety protocols in place.

  6. By: NancyG Posted: May 5, 2020

    It is nice that you can get outside, and nicer that you can get on your bike! Different states here are opening different things and at different times and some things seem a bit early for some things!!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted about your area, hopefully re-entry will not prove harmful.

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 5, 2020

      Hi Nancy. ‘Yes’ it is a worry that there will be some people who are asymptomatic and ignore social distancing protocols, don’t wear masks etc. and that leads to a surge of new infections.
      Fingers crossed everything works out.
      Stay safe and healthy.

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